How To Build A Powerful & Recognizable Brand Identity

You’ll notice that all the biggest companies on the planet have a distinct and recognizable brand identity. Think of Coca-Cola’s iconic red color scheme. Picture Nike’s recognizable tick logo, and their motivational copy. Each of these companies has a culture and ethos associated with it. Nike, for example, have created an inspirational and active brand identity. Branding helps identify your unique place in the market. It gives your customers something to identify with, and it builds recognition and market presence. I’m sure you’re all dying to know, how do you create your brand identity?

Know your audience – First of all, understand that branding is all about making an emotional connection. It’s all about generating an emotional response in your customers. Again, we’ll use the example of Nike. They don’t just sell shoes and sports clothes. They inspire an active lifestyle. They actively make you want to get out and run! That’s because they know their audience, and know how to motivate them. If you know exactly who your target audience is, you can work out how to connect with them.

Logo – A strong brand identity always starts with a powerful logo. Just picture the McDonald’s golden arches. Or Apple’s apple. Or Starbucks’ siren. They’re all instantly recognizable, and you feel a connection when you see them. It’s not always easy to create a powerful logo when you’re a small company. But, choose something simple, unique, and always bear your target audience in mind.

Color scheme – The best companies in the world all stick to one powerful color scheme. A simple color pattern can grow to define your entire company, culture, and marketing. Picture Red Bull’s iconic purple, red, and yellow combination. We’ve already touched upon Coca-Cola’s striking red. This is all about association and brand presence. You should use those colors on everything you do. From your product to the marketing to your website. If you haven’t yet got a color scheme, speak to a web design agency about creating one. Then, use it in everything you do.

Copy writing – Have you ever noticed how some of the biggest companies have a distinct tone of voice? They have a character and a personality based on how they present itself. That all comes from great copy writing, and it’s very difficult to perfect. The leading example here are Innocent Smoothies. They have mastered the playful, cheery tone of voice that defines their entire business. Nike (again) have perfected that inspirational and motivational tone that resonates with people. Think about what your business says, and how it’s saying it.

Consistency – The last point we’ll make it about consistency. Branding only works when it is visible over and over again. Experts suggest that customers need to see your branding at least eight times before they’ll buy from you. That means sticking to your brand identity across every single aspect of the company. Use it when promoting an event. Use it on your social media channels. Use it in your advertising. There’s a reason why the companies we’ve mentioned have stuck with the same branding for decades.

Have you got a brand identity that you’re proud of? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section!


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