Business Exhibitions: Attracting People To Your Stand


As a full-time mom, I don’t involve myself in business as much as I did before I became a parent. I don’t regret it because being a mom is the best thing that ever happened to me. What I do regret, though, is letting my experience go to waste. After talking to a friend, I realized that I had a duty to help people who are not as experienced as me anyway I can. So, this week I am focusing on something that I know lots of – business exhibitions.

Here are a few of my tips that will help lure customers straight to your business stand.

#1: Get The Design Just Right

It is hard to argue that we are attracted to the pretty things in life. It is part of our fabric that we cannot help but notice pretty objects, so you should use that to your advantage. Your business stand might not be the most expensive, but it should be the best-looking. Exhibition stand design is something that can cover over all of the other flaws and lure interested customers right into the trap. Go for an open feel, one that says: ‘Come in and look around’! And, choose posters and products that boost the image you are trying to create.

#2: Don’t Overcompensate

In my experience, a lot of business stands try to overcompensate for what they lack by going way over the top. Consumers and investors are not stupid, and they can see through the façade. My tip is to keep it simple and do the basics as well as you physically can. It is important to remember that bigger is not always better because it can look gaudy and tacky, not to mention a bit silly!

#3: Get Creative

To maximize what you have, I would suggest thinking outside of the box. Posters and general signage are good tools that work very well, but is there anything else at your disposal? Computer visuals are always a good bet because they are a focal point that grabs the public’s attention. A 3D image or a small, animated movie could be the difference between success and failure.

#4: Stick To The Budget

The point of a business exhibition is to find new business opportunities. Why? I always wanted new business opportunities to make more money. But, I never wanted to make money at the expense of the business. By spending too much on the exhibition, the money you make from it can turn out to be arbitrary. The maximize the results, only spend what you can afford.

#5: Don’t Forget To Promote

Now that you have everything ready, you need to promote the big event. It is amazing how many people don’t market the fact they are going to be at this place on this day. It blows my mind because a couple of flyers could attract more people to the event. All it takes is one person to take an interest and make a big contribution to your business.

I hope these can be of some use to you!

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