Beef Up Security At Your Business Premises With These Top Tips

There’s no denying that security is quite a significant issue for companies these days. Particularly those with a lot of expensive equipment and stock on their premises. The sad truth is that many business owners fail to provide adequate on-site security.

The result, as you can appreciate, is that they are more vulnerable to theft and criminal damage. But, the news isn’t all bad. If your business needs a security overhaul, there are plenty of actionable steps you can take.

Here are a few examples of how you can improve the security at your premises. Don’t worry; you can thank me later!


Make all employees carry ID badges

It’s commonplace to see workers with lanyards around their necks. They get used to quickly identify themselves to security staff in the building. Quite often, ID badges also get used as security passes. Employees can swipe their badges on access control systems, letting them into restricted areas.

If workers get stopped for random security checks, they won’t struggle to prove who they are.

Install access control systems

As I mentioned a moment ago, ID badges can also double-up as swipe cards. They get used for access control systems. In case you wondered, they are the digital versions of traditional locks and keys.

One added advantage of access control systems is you can identify where a person is in the building. That’s a useful fact to know for emergency evacuation situations, for example.

The prominent reason firms install those systems is to keep out unauthorized persons.


Upgrade all door and window locks

Do your existing doors and windows have archaic lock systems? Perhaps they are easy to force open? In any event, you should consider upgrading them to stronger locks. There are plenty of products on the market that you can install.

After all; the last thing you want to do is make the lives of thieves easier!

Invest in CCTV

Let’s face it; you can’t always have people patrolling your premises on a 24/7 basis. CCTV security cameras can be your eyes and ears in those cases. There is a broad choice of options available, such as Internet-connected systems. They give you the option of remote monitoring.

You can even get wireless security cameras and ones that work off a battery. Such cameras are useful in places like construction sites, for example.

Improve your Internet security

One thing you should do to protect your premises is to improve your virtual security too! It’s not unheard of for thieves to hack into a company’s computer networks. There, they can search for documents that reveal pass codes to access control systems.


As you can imagine, one they have that kind of information, you may as well have left your doors wide open for them! The good news is you can take some quick and easy steps to improve Internet security. Examples include:

  • Securing Wi-Fi networks with pass phrases and using WPA2-AES encryption;
  • Making passwords mandatory for logging into workstations; and
  • Installing a firewall between your Internet router and your network.

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