Why Writing A Book Is Perfect For Busy Mom’s Everywhere

It’s important to make the right choice about the career you want. When you’re busy and have kids to look after, it’s even more important. Check out some of these reasons why writing a book is the perfect career opportunity for moms across the world.

Work From Home

One of the best parts about becoming an aspiring novelist is you can do it from anywhere. Working from home is convenient, and it saves you travel expenses. Of course, it’s much more difficult to keep motivated when you have no boss, and you don’t have to travel. But you need to try to be as disciplined as possible. Make sure you plan every day of writing out in advance as that will make things easier. Working from home is the ideal job for any busy mother, and it leaves you perfectly placed for when the kids get home.


It’s Creative

Another great thing about choosing this career path is how creative it is. Think about the process of writing a book. You’re going to have to tap into creative channels, and really explore that side of your brain. Even if you’re writing a nonfiction book, it still needs to be put together in an interesting way. And that’s why this is so good. It releases your creative streak and allows you to focus on expressing yourself. Having problems in your personal life? Pour it into your books, and they will feel much more real.

Fit it Around Your Schedule

I think that as a mom it’s important to have a career you can fit around your schedule. And this is exactly that sort of career. I mean, yes, you’ll likely be writing every day. However, you won’t have the stringent and impending deadlines that you would with another type of job. So this allows you to fit it around your schedule and take care of important personal matters as well. You can do the school run, let the builders in, and give the house a clean and tidy. Being able to fit something around your schedule is a blessing in disguise as a mother.


These days there are many more opportunities than ever before when it comes to getting into books. Of course, you need to have talent, and you certainly need to be passionate. But, the publishing world has become much more accessible to people nowadays. You can contact a book publisher in person or online. Then, of course, there is the self-publishing route through Kindle, and this is something a lot of people have decided to do. It’s easier than ever to get your work out there and get it looked at. And, as someone who doesn’t have a lot of time, this is essential.

As a busy mother, there are certain career paths that may not be appropriate for you. But, something that would be ideal would be writing a book. Becoming a writer is a fantastic career opportunity to take, and would be ideal for all mom’s. Hopefully, this post will show you why writing a book is perfect for you.  

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