How To Streamline Your Delivery Process To Perfection


Thousands of business owners rely on delivery systems for their business. Online store owners need a fast and reliable service to get goods to their customers. Suppliers need to make sure their materials reach their clients on time, and in good condition. It’s the central part of a business-customer relationship. And it’s the one point where you often have to cede control to a someone else, a delivery company.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t track, monitor, and improve every aspect of your delivery service. After all, it’s your product out on the road. It’s up to you, and you alone, to make sure it arrives safely. I’ve seen my fair share of problems in the delivery market. Here’s how you get around them, and improve your system for good.

Invest in software

The best companies now run their entire businesses through streamlined software. It’s no different when it comes to purchasing orders and deliveries. You need to consider a sophisticated, automated system to process your orders and stock. As soon as an order come in, your software should print the package label, and update the necessary people. The item will then be picked from the stock, and immediately sent off for delivery.

Efficient turnaround

It’s your job to reduce the amount of manual labor involved in this turnaround. Let computers do the hard work, while you simply make sure the turnaround is smooth. Once the order comes in, work to reduce the time it takes to get the product on the road. This turnaround time is the crucial place where time is often lost.

The delivery

At this point, you’ll hand over your product to a delivery company, and it leaves your warehouse or office. We suggest using professional supply chain solutions like Landstar. An expert third-party has all the resources you need to make fast deliveries to your customers. These logistics companies also have the necessary access to global networks, and will take your product further.

Monitor and measure

One thing you must always do is monitor and measure those delivery times. Aim to break this down, and measure every stage of the journey. You’re looking for weak links or hold-ups along the process. Monitor how long it takes to turn around the purchase order. How long does it take to ‘pick’ the product, and prepare it for shipping? Most importantly of all, how long does the delivery itself? Use tracking software to measure this exactly.

Customer feedback

Remember, this is a key part of the journey where you no longer manage the delivery. Make sure you keep regular contact with your customers to find out their thoughts and opinions. Did the package arrive in good condition? Was the delivery driver friendly and courteous? It’s these small things that create a compelling image of your company. Make sure you’re providing excellent customer service, right up to their door. It’s the best way to ensure customer loyalty.

Deliveries are an essential part of modern business, and they require intense scrutiny. What could your delivery service do better?

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