How To Effectively Promote A Big Event

As an entrepreneur (and busy mom), I know that every aspect of business must be quick and effective! In my experience, a big event is an incredible way to draw lots attention fast. It’s an easy way to increase your brand exposure, and make lots of new connections. It’s the easy way to introduce your business to journalists, and make important leads in the area.

Of course, it’s not just businesses that need help with events. Institutions like churches and schools hold big events all the time. If you’re involved with these establishments, my advice will also be very useful to you! It’s all about building awareness, and getting as many people as possible to your big event.



Flyers, brochures, and leaflets might seem like an ancient marketing method. Especially in today’s world of digital media! But, they still work incredibly well when it comes to local promotion. If your school is hosting a welcome event, post leaflets through the doors of everyone in the catchment area. If you’re a church promoting a series of Christmas events, hand out leaflets in the local parish. Entrepreneurs, this is your chance to get creative. Find out where your target audience gathers, and distribute flyers there. Student dorms and university are always a great place to start.


Just like flyers, signs can have a big impact when it comes to local presence. There’s a reason why big businesses pay thousands for access to billboards! This won’t be relevant to all events, but it’s particularly useful for schools and churches. In fact, church signs, in particular, drive up to 10% of new churchgoers. Signs really do work when you get the message and the location right. Put up signs outside your business premises to start raising awareness.

Press release to local journalists

You can only spread the word so far on your own. To truly reach the entire local area, you need the help of the local media! That means local TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines. Reach out to local journalists with a professional press release. Ask them kindly for coverage, and offer them a free invitation to the event itself. It won’t guarantee a feature, but it will certainly get your event under the nose of the right people.

Social media

This is where the internet comes in very useful. You can utilize social media to tap into your local community. Set up a business page or group for your organisation on Facebook. Invite people you know in the local area to follow your updates. Or, create an advert, and target only the people in your local area. Now, set up a Facebook event, and spread the word!

Partner up!

Lastly, you can extend your reach by partnering with another local organization or business. Perhaps the church and the school can get together to host an event. Maybe your business can team up with another similar business to double the coverage. You’ll get a lot more people through the doors.

That’s all for now, folks. Have you ever thrown a big event in your local town? How did you do it?

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