The Biggest Mistakes In Web Design



There are hundreds of articles out there telling you how to build a website. They tell you how to start your online marketing tactics, and they tell you what your website should have. But, precious few explain the pitfalls of web design. In fact, I struggled to find a good blog that explained the biggest mistakes in website creation.

So, I decided to write it myself! To get some advice, I turned to a web design agency, and asked them about the big horror stories in web design. I asked them what drives people away from websites, and what visitors really dislike. Some of the answers were obvious (pop-ups, no-one likes pop-ups!), but some others surprised me a little. Let’s jump in and take a look.

Too much text

Most web users are looking for quick answers. Especially if they’ve never visited your site before. They need a very quick explainer, and they don’t want to hunt through paragraphs and paragraphs of text. We simply don’t read the internet like we read a book or a magazine. We skim and we scan. So, make sure your text is short, simple, and straight to the point. Avoid any unnecessary clutter.

Your site takes ages to load

There are some very interesting statistics on website load speed. For example, more than half of all web users will abandon your site if it takes longer than five seconds to load. Amazon estimates that it would lose $1.6 billion every year if they slowed down by a second. People are impatient on the internet! We want answers fast. So, take steps to speed things up. Start by checking the speed of your web host; make sure those foundations are fast enough. Next, slim down your web design, so there are fewer elements to load.


We all despise pop-ups, yet more and more websites are implementing them on their sites. Most are now used to ask visitors to sign up to the mailing list, or follow their social media pages. It’s very intrusive, and turns many readers away from your service. Don’t swap a few extra signups for the overall usability of your site. It’s all about delivering the very best service for your customers.

Visitors don’t know what to do

Unfortunately, your visitors aren’t mind-readers. It’s your job to explain very clearly what you do, and what they should do next. You need to create a ‘value proposition’. It’s a small headline and sub-heading that greets your visitors when they land on your site. It tells them exactly who you are. More importantly, it directs them where to go, and what to do.

No contact information

Customers like to know they are dealing with real human beings. It’s quite easy to become another faceless website. So, make sure your site has a clear, defined contact page with a real email address. It gives visitors a little peace of mind, in case they need to contact you.

Make sure you’re not making any of these big website mistakes. It could lead to fewer views and sales over time.

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