Need To Refresh Your Marketing Campaigns? Try These Alternative Channels

As any marketer worth their salt will tell you: great campaigns depend on using more than one channel. Many smaller businesses with lower budgets tend to stick with one or two different channels for their marketing. Budget constraints are usually to blame. However, are you making the most of your opportunities if you go down this route? If your sole intention is to drive more traffic to your website, you could be missing out. As the old saying goes, you should never put all your eggs in one basket.


Not all of your audience will be looking for you in the same place, so it makes sense to spread your wings a little, doesn’t it? So, with this in mind, here are some alternatives you can bring into the mix. They will cost you money – as all marketing does. But spreading your budget across different channels might be better for you than putting everything into a single area.

Nudge Theory

Nudge theory is a behavioral science concept. It proposes that you can change people’s behavior in a significant way, by designing their choices better. A good example of this is arranging the choices of food better in a school canteen. You might think that kids will always choose the unhealthy option, but that’s not the case. The simple act of placing a fruit bowl on a front counter can see a rise in a number of kids taking that, rather than reaching behind for a chocolate bar. Check out Thaler & Sunstein’s Nudge, and see if you can use this interesting theory in your business.

Use A Call Center

If you read the modern business media, you could be forgiven for thinking that all your marketing efforts should be online. However, there are plenty of other, more traditional methods that can bring better results. Take the call center for example. We’ve all fielded calls from telemarketers, and most likely, got annoyed with them. But, with a well-researched list of contacts and warm prospects, it’s an effective way of increasing your sales. Take a look at this article at Forbes to see if you can make use of a call center strategy.

Field Marketing

Field marketing is the art of getting out there and meeting your audience. It can include demonstrations and handing out free samples, for example. Think about the little tasters that you get at your local grocery store on occasions. There is a real opportunity to engage with people far more than you can with social media or online. And, it’s worth looking into, whatever your product is. You can find more info at – take a look and see if you can fit it into your marketing campaign.

Guerrilla Marketing

Finally, a quick look at guerrilla marketing. This is an excellent option for companies with small marketing budgets, as it is focused on your imagination. You can be unconventional – shocking, even – and you have the opportunity to make a big impression for little money. This guide at Marketing Schools can tell you a bit more.

So, there you have it. Any more ideas to throw into the mix? Let me know in the comments section below.

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