Make Your Material Handling Better With These Golden Tips

After a customer has ordered something from your business, there’s a lot of hard work that they don’t see. Your staff need to locate the items they want, package them and send them out for delivery. This process of material handling is imperative to make your customers happy. The better the operations in your warehouse, the more efficient your business is. You can get orders out correctly and in a timely fashion to give your customers a better experience. And hopefully, that will make them keep coming back to make future orders. Start improving your material handling using the advice below.

Use the Best Picking Method

How speedily and correctly your warehouse staff can pick orders is one of the most important things. Currently, the might go around and pick up one order at a time. This means that they would probably have to keep walking through the same areas again and again. Is this the most efficient way for them to put orders together? Another option is to use batch picking, where they collect several orders at once. This means they will have to make fewer trips around the warehouse. You can also use zone picking. This is where the area is divided into individual zones for picking, like an assembly line. Make sure you’re using a method that makes sense and aren’t wasting lots of time.


Use Picking Technology

It can help to bring in technology to assist your pickers with collecting orders. There are several ways that you can speed things up and make them more accurate using the right tools. These technologies can use light and voice, as well as other methods, to make your pickers jobs easier. For example, voice directed picking means that your employees can use a hands-free set. The method allows them to communicate with your warehouse management system. The picker would receive instructions for what to collect through a headset. Once they had everything use a confirmation code to confirm the order.

Use Space in the Best Way

Thinking about how you can cleverly use the space available to you is essential. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that they need to expand outwards all the time. However, you usually have a lot of vertical space that you can make use of too. Using some of the overhead space you have available will enable you to store more stock in the same space.

Make the Most of Machinery and Equipment

If you have equipment to help your employees do their jobs in the warehouse, you have to make sure it’s benefiting your operations. Limiting downtime is one of the essential things you need to consider. Look at companies such as CCTY Bearing to provide you with the parts you need. You should maintain forklifts, conveyor belts and other essential equipment. Examine any weak points in your equipment to make it as efficient as it can be.

Take a look at your current material handling practices to find areas where you can improve. Small changes could make a significant difference.

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