Have An Aptitude For Numbers? I’d Recommend Becoming An Accountant

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand how important it is to have accountants. So, if numbers are your strong suit, then accountancy could be a great career choice for you. Check out my guide on becoming an accountant.

Get Certified

The first step in the process is going to be getting certified. This is essential because it makes you legitimate and professional. People are going to want to know that you’re certified before they hire you. It means they can trust you to do a professional and thorough job of their finances for them. For a lot of people, money is their most precious asset. So they want to have someone they can trust looking after it for them. That’s why I think the very first thing you need to sort out is getting certified.

Consider Freelancing

Once you’re certified you need to decide on the career direction you’ll take. A lot of people got straight to work for a chartered accountants firm. However, I would recommend you consider freelancing as much as possible. It’s great to get to a situation where you are your own boss. You need to understand that there are many benefits to freelancing. But you also need to realize that the job security is reduced. So I would suggest you think very carefully before you make any big decisions pertaining to this.

Plug Your Services

As a business owner, I’m here to tell you, there is nothing more important than advertising. And, if you’re freelancing you’ve got to work on promoting yourself. There is no company behind you to do that for you. You need to focus on plugging and promoting yourself as an accountant. And the most important step in this process is creating your own website. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have your own website. Check out the templates for CPA websites online, and try to use them to come up with your own. Getting your website perfect is a huge chunk of what it takes to market yourself in a professional way.

Make a Difference

One of the biggest benefits of being an accountant is that you get to make a difference. Think about the service you’re providing to individuals and businesses. You carry out a valuable role in the corporate world. You are going to make the lives of entrepreneurs easier. And that’s one of the reasons why your job is so important. I run my own business, and I hire an accountant. And without my accountant I would have much more stress and financial worry than I do. So this highlights what a difference you’ll be able to make as an accountant.

Understand Legal Obligations

If you’re working with finances, you need to understand financial implications. Businesses are going to have tax to sort out. In fact, anyone using your services is going to be getting you to sort their tax out for them. So I think you need to have a good understanding of how the legal system works. Having in-depth knowledge of tax and financial obligations is essential for you. It will impact on how well you’re able to do your job, and what the outcome will be. Make sure you do your homework so you can carry out your role as well as you can.


So, if you feel like you’re somebody with an aptitude for numbers you need to consider a career in accountancy. This is something that you will find very fulfilling. And it will allow you to make a difference to businesses everywhere. Take action now, and work toward becoming an accountant as soon as you can.

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