Easy Ways Consultants Can Impress New Clients

Working as a consultant means you might have to deal with clients from all over the world. The chances are that most of your work can be handled remotely. However, some people might want to visit you for face to face sessions. You will want to entertain their wishes if you stand to make a lot of money. However, it’s important you learn how to impress them to ensure they continue using your service. The ideas on this page should help you to make a start. Just remember that you need to seem like an expert professional who knows they he’s doing. Don’t make any silly jokes, and always try to appear in control.



  • Hire Corporate Cars

Maybe you need to arrange a lift for your client from the airport? Perhaps you need to pick them up from their hotel for a dinner meeting? Either way, using standard taxi services will only get you so far. Those of you who want to impress your clients and leave them in awe should consider hiring corporate cars. No matter where you might be in the world, there are lots of companies that deal with that type of vehicle. In most instances, they will be some of the top models around today. Your client will have no choice but to feel special when he’s collected in a brand new Mercedes-Benz.


  • Look The Part

We hate to say it, but cheap suits without a designer label will get you nowhere. That is especially the case if you’re trying to gain your first client. You can tell quality from a mile away, and so you will make a bad impression. Looking the part is important if you want your clients to feel confident when using your services. We know you don’t want to spend thousands on a new suit, but it’s critical that you do. You can keep it in the wardrobe until your most important meetings. That way, at least it should stay in good condition for a few years. Just make sure you never wear the same suit twice when meeting a particular client.


  • Book fancy restaurants

Regardless of where you choose to meet your clients, there are sure to be lots of nice restaurants in the local area. While keeping costs low is a good idea, you need to take your client for the best meal in town. So, make sure you keep the company credit card in your pocket. Some of the money you spend is tax deductible because you are having a business meeting. Just don’t order the lobster yourself or you could spend a fortune. Let your client eat from the expensive menu. You can tell them you had a pretty hefty lunch and so you just want something light.

Now you know how to impress your clients, scoring those contracts should become easier. When all’s said and done, you just have to make the individual trust in your expertise. So, you must do your research. Make sure you can answer all questions confidently and to the best of your ability. Hesitation or misunderstanding could make you look like an amateur.

Good luck!

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