8 Ways To Ensure Total Health And Safety At Work

The workplace can be extremely dangerous, which is why you need to make sure you keep yourself and your employees safe. To help you, here are 8 ways to ensure total health and safety at work:

Train all of your Staff Up in Health and Safety

It makes sense to train up all of your staff in health and safety, so that there are no excuses for mishaps. However, this isn’t always possible and it kind of depends on your industry. You should at least have one first aider on site at all times. It’ll cost you a little money to train them up, but it’ll be worth it when you have an accident free work place.

Put Up Posters and Reminders

Posters and reminders can help to remind your employees certain things, like where the first aid box is kept and what to do in the event of an emergency. Make sure you put them in places they will see them, and clearly display health and safety signs.

Do Hazard Checks Regularly

Regular checks for hazard checks will help to keep the workplace a safe place to be. Take a look around the work environment and see if you can see any obvious hazards. Look for things you could trip over. Try to preempt and stop any accidents from happening. Make sure your employees know to do this regularly too. You can hire somebody to test and tag for you if required. There are lots of different ways you can perform checks.

Get Insurance

Insurance will protect you if anything should happen to your staff or a client on site. Make sure you get the amount of coverage you need, and don’t try to get the cheapest cover available, or you could end up with invalid insurance.

Health and Safety

Keep Written Records

Keep written records of any accidents and incidents so that you have them if any problems should arise in the future. This is a really smart way of protecting yourself, as you never know what claims could be made against your business.

Keep it Tidy

This is a really simple one but one that makes all the difference: keep the workplace as tidy as you can. Make sure all of your employees know to tidy up after themselves and that they take responsibility for the things they’ve used.

Keep Up Maintenance

You may have equipment you need to use regularly, or something else that requires maintenance. Make sure you don’t neglect to do maintenance and that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You can also get an outside company to do maintenance for you if that would make things easier. If your staff are using equipment that isn’t being maintained properly, you’re running a huge risk.

Keep Staff Stress Levels Down

Stressed staff could be a danger to you and themselves. Keep your staff stress levels down by encouraging proper breaks and maybe even offering a service where they can talk to a professional.

I hope these pointers help you to keep your workplace a very safe place to be!

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