6 Apps & Software Your Business Needs To Download Right Now

Starting a new business is one of the most challenging things you’ll ever do. Managing your time is just one of the biggest tasks involved. You’ll need to make the most of every last minute of your spare time, especially if you’re still working on the day-job. That’s where apps and software come in to save the day. The best tools on the market will allow you to manage your time much more efficiently. Better yet, they’ll automate much of your business, and take some of the stress off your hands.

Productivity and time management is just one challenge among many, however. You’ll also come up against serious money difficulties. Fledgling businesses have small budgets, and lots of places that need investment! You need apps and software that will help you manage your money. Most important of all, you need technology to do all the heavy lifting. You need a series of apps, tools, and software that will do a lot of work for you. That will free you up to take the business forward. When you’re trying to get a startup off the ground, every second counts! Here are some of our favorites.


  1. Google Analytics – If you’re serious about growing an online presence (you should be!) then you need Google Analytics. This software taps into your site, and tracks every visitor to your website. It shows you a daily breakdown of your web traffic, and presents it in a graph month-by-month. It’s the best way to measure the effectiveness of your website. It tells you exactly how well you’re performing online. It also offers all the info you could possible need to know about your visitors. It tells you how they found you, how long they stayed for, and what pages they looked at. Google Analytics tells you exactly who is using your website, and how.
  1. DropBox – DropBox is our favorite cloud storage and transfer software. It’s super simple to use, and they offer a professional upgrade if you’ve got tons of backups. We can’t stress how important it is to back up your business data. By that, we means customer data, statistics and sensitive information. You also need to backup your website, and keep your ongoing documents safe. There are hundreds of options out there, but DropBox is perhaps the most common. It also allows you to send enormous documents to colleagues and clients.
  1. Evernote – As an entrepreneur and business owner, you’re brain is probably full of ideas and concepts. Evernote is the best way to capture, store and organize those ideas. It’s an app that you can download for your smartphone, laptop or tablet, and it’s a lifesaver! It’s a to-do list on steroids, that will help you organize your day for success. You can separate tasks into different projects, create targeted to-do lists and set notifications. The best feature is the ability to save web pages, photos or glimmers of inspiration wherever you find it. How often have you thought of a world-changing idea on the bus, before it disappeared forever?
  1. MailChimp – Email is one of the most powerful ways to drive sales. If you haven’t already, your business needs to start collecting email addresses. By sending targeted, timely sales updates via email, you can encourage multiple sales very easily. It’s a great way to retain customers, and keep them coming back. However, you need some software to help you send hundreds and thousands of emails. Enter MailChimp. It’s a simple solution that lets you create beautifully designed emails, and send them to huge numbers. Best of all, it lets you track the results, and see your best customers.
  1. Accounting software – As a business owner, your biggest challenge is managing that bottom line. Your profit margin is the single most important figure in business, and it will keep you awake at night! The best way to manage this effectively is with accounting software. If you’re writing figures down in a notebook, or even using Excel, you’re always second-guessing yourself. With accounting software, the finances become easy. They can’t magically create profit, but it will give you simple, easy data!
  1. The leading software in your industry – Every single industry is different. Each has its own challenges and unique obstacles. That’s why you need a bespoke solution for your market sector. For example, if your business is built around social media, you need Hootsuite to manage your social channels. If you’re in the health industry, you need home health care software to support your patients. If you’re a graphic designer, you need Photoshop, while film-makers need Final Cut Pro. Arm yourself with the best software in your industry.

Choose the apps and software that will help power your company. Let technology do the legwork, while you focus on the creative ideas! Have we missed any of your favorite business apps?

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