Using Emails for Business: The Right Way to do it!

Some people say that using emails for business is outdated, but this isn’t the case. If you use emails the right way, they can actually be really effective! Whether you plan on sending out a newsletter, offer, or something even more exciting, you can get a good return on this technique. Here’s the right way to do it so you can get the most from it:

Use a Catchy Subject Line

A catchy subject line will ensure that the recipient feels compelled to open it. It can be hard to get a feel for good subject lines, but your best bet is to use explosive words and make people want to know what’s inside. A little bit of practice and you’ll get this down to a T.

Make Sure You A/B Test

A/B testing involves sending one version of your email out to half of your recipients, and another version to other recipients. You then notice which one got the most interactions and why you think that was. Did you use a different subject line? Font? Was one clearer than the other? You can then see what works and what doesn’t with your audience to create more effective emails overall.

Include Discounts and Offers

Including discounts and offers in your emails will make your audience want to open them. They’ll be more likely to continue opening your emails and remain loyal to you if you give them discounts. You’ll find you get more traffic to your company website this way too!


Personalize Where Possible

If you can, personalize your emails. If you’re a big clothing company and you’re sending customers discounts, this might not always be possible. However, if you’re emailing somebody who you think could use your services without previous contact with them, personalization is important. Use their name, and make sure you do a bit of research so they can see this isn’t just a standard email you’re sending to everybody. If they think for a second you’ve sent this email to multiple people, your chances of working with them could be dramatically reduced!

Don’t Ramble

Be straight to the point and honest as to why you’re emailing this person. Don’t ramble. They’re probably busy and have no time for it.

Don’t Try to Make it Too Fancy

Making the email look too fancy could be a big mistake. Sometimes it’s OK, like if you’re sending out a newsletter or something similar. However, using lots of different fonts and colors isn’t attractive if you’re writing to proposition somebody. Keep things simple.

Be Professional

Above all else, you need to be professional in your emails. You can’t afford to say anything that could be taken the wrong way. Make sure all of your emails are professionally worded, but in a way that can be understood by anybody.

Ready to send out those emails and get a big return on them? Use these tips and you should find they make a big difference to all of your email marketing campaigns!

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