The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Office for Your Business

Many businesses will reach a point when they move into a dedicated office. Some will do this in the early stages while others might go for years until it happens. Whenever you decide it’s time to make the move, you need to find an office that’s right for your company. It’s not always an easy decision to make because every brand has its own values and personality. You might have ideas about what sort of work environment you want to foster. The office you choose could affect that. Before you start looking for your first office, consider these factors for choosing the best one for your business.

Office Layout

If you’re not sure where to start, think about the size and shape of the space you’re looking for. Many younger companies, especially those based in tech, prefer an open-plan office. You might want somewhere that’s flexible and that you can use however you want to. You can include breakout areas, quiet spaces and collaborative zones for people to work however they want. However, you might be a more traditional company. Plenty of businesses still use the office setups of old. Cubicles or individual desks and separate offices for management work for many.


You’ll have to think about the dull stuff too, such as how long you want to rent somewhere for. When it’s your first space, you probably don’t want to lock yourself into a long-term contract that lasts several years. You need to think about your business growth and whether you might have expanded in a year’s time. You may soon have to move again to accommodate more employees. There are other things in the contract your need to consider too. For example, you might discuss renewals, in case you do want to stay for longer.


Furnished or Unfurnished?

Just like when you rent a home, you can have your office furnished or unfurnished. You’ll need to think about which one is suitable and most convenient for your company. You can some great high quality private offices that come fully-furnished. However, it may be more expensive to rent somewhere with furniture. On the other hand, furnishing an empty office will also cost you, although it will be a one-off cost. If you choose to decorate yourself, you’ll have more flexibility to create a space that’s fitting for your brand. If you’re determined to have a laid back office, unfurnished may be the way to go.

Amenities on Offer

Another thing to consider is what else the office building gives you. Some might have a shared break room or games room for everyone on the floor. There could be a kitchen, catering, and a conference room. You should check out even the simple things, such as bathrooms. Will they accommodate all your staff? Accessibility may be a concern for you. So consider things such as elevators, ramps, and disabled bathrooms.

Renting an office for your company is a significant step. Before you contact anyone about finding one, think about just what it is you’re looking for.

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