How I Keep My Kids Safe In The Car

I was unlucky enough to see a terrible news article on Facebook yesterday. It relayed the story of a woman who was simply taking her children to school. She veered off the road, and the kids were lucky to survive. Worst of all? She tested positive for alcohol when the police arrived at the scene. I’m seeing news posts of that nature more often than ever before these days. So, I thought it made sense to publish this post.

Here is how I keep my kids safe in the car:

I never drink alcohol

Firstly, I never drink alcohol when I know I’ll have to drive. You should follow suit. It can take many hours for the substance to remove itself from your body. That means you risk issues if you drink in the evening and drive the next morning. Take a look at the infographic if you want to know more.

I always secure my children

Seat belts were made for a reason. Children who don’t wear them risk being catapulted through your windscreen if a collision occurs. No parent could handle that, and that is why I’ve installed extra straps to keep everyone safe.

I take regular breaks

Sometimes we like to go away for the weekend. Often, that can mean me sitting behind the wheel for five hours or more. I always take at least once break every three hours to stretch my legs. Also, that allows me to get some fresh air and avoid becoming sleepy.

You now know how I keep my kids safe in the car. So long as you use the same ideas with your children, the chances of anything going wrong should be slim. Just make sure that you never drink alcohol. That is not something a responsible parent would ever do.

Infographic designed by Gray & Co

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