Giving The Exterior Of Your Family Home A Makeover Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

As parents, most of our money goes on keeping our children fed and clothed and paying off the bills. This can often mean that things like keeping our homes up to date, get put off, as we have to spend our money on other things.


That being said, it doesn’t have to be like that. Believe it or not, even if money is tight, there are still plenty of ways you can give the outside of your home a revamp. Yes, it might have to be done on a budget, but it is still doable.

Don’t believe me that you can beautify the exterior of your home on a budget? No – then make sure to have a read of this. Below, is a guide to how you can give the exterior of your home a makeover even when on a tight budget.


Often, we let the exteriors of our homes become cluttered up with rubbish and old pieces of junk. The first thing you need to do is clear out any rubbish or junk that might be stored in your garden, from broken furniture to old tools.

Anything that you don’t want should be taken to your local recycling center and go rid of, anything that you want should be stored in your garage. For the exterior of your home to look nice, it’s crucial that you keep it free of clutter.

Power wash your home

If the exterior of your home is looking a little worse for wear – grimy and old, start off by power washing it. This is a great way to clean both brick and houses with siding on them, as it gets rid of most of the dirt.

However, the downside is that it can also highlight any cracks or damage to your siding or paint, which means that you may need to repaint. Or, if your house has siding on it, you may need to consider having it replaced. Don’t panic, as this doesn’t have to be expensive if you choose the right siding or decorating company.

Smarten up the garden

If your garden is overgrown, then it will instantly make your property look a mess. Spend some time cutting the grass, trimming weeds and pruning back overgrown plants and shrubs. While you could hire someone to do this for you, if you do it yourself, it will save you a lot of money.

It shouldn’t take too long to smarten up your garden, especially if you get the whole family helping. It should only take a few hours, and you can get your garden spic and span, again.

Clean the windows

It’s amazing how much difference giving your windows a good clean can make to the look of your property. Windows that are dirty can make your home look messy and old, but once they are cleaned, the overall look and feel of your home will improve.

As well as giving the windows a clean, you could also clean the window sills and area around the windows. This might take a bit of time, but once you have cleaned them, they will look 100 percent better. You can pick up cheap window cleaner and wipes from your local discount store, or failing that, online.

You might think that sprucing up the exterior of your home will be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. If you follow the tips in this guide, you can give the outside of your home a makeover, without breaking your budget.

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