ADT Home Security Review

ADT Pulse

I live in a great neighborhood. It’s quiet, tight knit, and well established. We have had very (and I mean very) few issues in my neighborhood. We live just a few doors up from an elementary school, and most of the residents in my neighborhood have lived here for 15+ years. In the way of ‘safe’, this is about as good as it gets in my little town without being in a gated community. Even gated communities aren’t always that safe.

Working on a program that promoted ADT Pulse security got me to thinking about the security of my family. But, I really didn’t think I needed any added security as someone is almost always at my home.

Well, a couple of weeks ago our car was left unlocked overnight and when I went to leave my house early in the morning I came out to find everything I had in my glove box and center console strewn across the front seats of my car. It was disturbing to say the least. Thankfully, we don’t keep anything of value in my car, so there was nothing to take.

So, I contacted ADT about their Pulse program. They called me to schedule an appointment, and a nice gentleman came out to talk to me about options, pricing, installation, etc. We decided to take our time thinking about all of our options. We looked at a few different options, including other security companies, and DIY options. We decided to go with ADT Pulse for a few reasons:

  1. I was able to negotiate the price on the exterior camera down considerably.
  2. The total startup price was lower than the DIY options.
  3. ADT warranties and guarantees their equipment for the life of the contract (yes, there is a 2 year agreement). If anything was to happen with the equipment they would replace it, or send out a technician free of charge.
  4. ADT will move with me anywhere I choose to go in the U.S.
  5. They have a 6 month money back guarantee.
  6. I get to put up the ADT sign in my front yard and the ADT sticker in my window (these alone help to deter thieves and vandals).
  7. I have live video streaming of both of my cameras via the ADT Pulse app, and I can record clips from my cameras whenever I want, or automatically if I so choose.
  8. ADT will pay the first $500 of my insurance deductible if my home is burglarized and the thief gets away with my belongings while the alarm is armed.
  9. I will receive a discount on my home owners warranty because I now have ADT Pulse security.
  10. I can arm and disarm the alarm, open and close the garage, and view both camera live feeds directly from my app on my phone or tablet, or from my computer.
  11. There are so many other things I can add on to my service in the future if I want.

ADT security is not for everyone, but we’ve been happy with it so far. The only challenge we’ve had so far is that the app is a bit slow to load, but that is due to my mobile internet connection I’ve been told.


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