Personal Touches To Strengthen Customer Relationships

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Forming and maintaining relationships with clients is a huge part of running a business. It’s even more important if you rely on a small number of customers to bring in most of your income. If you want to keep people coming back and encourage referrals, you have to pay them attention. People appreciate when they receive that little something extra from a business they use. They want to know that they’re dealing with individuals and that your company sees them as individual people too. There are lots of things you can do to show your customers you care about them. From sending them gifts to personalizing your packaging, showing your appreciation isn’t hard.

Gifts on Special Occasions

Your clients will appreciate it if you recognize significant events in their lives. For example, if you provide business services, you could send a customer a gift when their company wins an award. You’ll have to think about what’s appropriate to send them. This could be based on the occasion and the loyalty of your client. You could send them flowers or a bottle of wine or it could be something related to your business. Make it a point to get to know your customers. Keep an eye on anything significant that you should recognize with a gift.

Holiday Cards

The holidays are the perfect time for strengthening relationships with your clients. Sending out corporate cards may have fallen out of fashion with some people. However, it can still be a very useful tool. To make it more modern, use ecards from a site such as instead of paper cards. It’s more environmentally-friendly, and your clients won’t have to figure out what to do with the cards they receive. You can also make an ecard more interactive and personalized. You could include a link to your website or even attach an offer such as a discount to the card.

Personalize Deliveries

If you send out deliveries to your clients, whether it’s a small package or lots of crates, you can make them more personal. For example, if you’re wrapping an item to send, you could use beautiful wrapping paper. You can put little extras in with the package, such as cards with little notes on them or even inexpensive treats. For example, some companies include small packets of candy in each of their deliveries.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Sometimes you don’t need to over complicate your business practices. The rise of social media has been very useful for many companies. It makes it much easier to have regular contact with clients and customers. You can show that there are real people behind your brand, with personality and care. Engage in conversations with your customers, especially about things related to your brand. If your clients are businesses, you can also help them out by promoting them on your social media pages. For example, a retweet on Twitter takes hardly any time at all.

It isn’t too difficult to form personal connections with your customers. All it takes is a little effort to put some extra thought into your interactions.

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