5 Ways You Can Really Grab The Attention Of Your Customers

If you want to succeed in business today, you have to be prepared to try out various sales and marketing tactics. And the only way they will work is if they grab the attention of your customers.

Honda, for example, are running a marketing campaign inviting people to “drive” in a racing simulator. The lucky winner gets to drive away (in real life) with a brand new Honda Civic Type R! As you can imagine, that’s one way of grabbing people’s attention.


But if you can’t afford to give away a free car to your customers, what else can you do? Here are five cracking examples that anyone running a business should try out today!

  1. Travel the country

Going out on the road is the perfect way to promote your company. Many firms travel to areas so that they can visit their customers and gain new ones. There is a variety of ways that you can do this.

For example, you can set up an eye-catching stand at trade shows and fairs. You could tour the country in a branded vehicle, such as what the Chicago Bears have done above. In fact, there are hundreds of things you could do to make your presence known!

  1. Add some stunning videos to your website

Most websites that you visit each day contain a rich mixture of text and images. But, have you ever noticed that the ones that leave an impression with you the most are the ones that have videos embedded in their pages?


When people ask me about ways to promote themselves online, I always recommend using videos on their site. For instance, a firm that specializes in corporate video production can:

  • Help you to demonstrate your products to new and existing clients;
  • Make an action-packed video showcasing what you do; and
  • Tell people why you are better than the rest.

Of course, you could always try to make some videos yourself. But, if you want people to take you seriously, hire the pros to help you out!

  1. Buy some memorable domain names for your marketing campaigns

Remember that Honda promotion I mentioned earlier? Well, the racing simulator involves driving a lap around Germany’s infamous Nurburgring. Honda bought a domain specifically for that campaign – kingofthehell.com.

sound board


They did so for a few reasons. First, it’s a play on the phrase “king of the hill.” Second, many people find driving the Nurburgring to be a grueling and “hellish” experience. And, third, it’s memorable!

Are you thinking of running an online marketing campaign soon? If so, consider buying some memorable domain names for it.

  1. Offer a jaw-dropping deal

One of the most notable ways to grab the attention of your customers is to offer a deal that will shock both them and your competitors!

For instance, you might suggest your customers pay nothing for 12 months. Or if they find your product sold cheaper elsewhere, you could offer it to them for free! This is your opportunity to get creative with your marketing!

  1. Get your customers to vote on the things they want the most

When you sell a product or service, it’s likely what you offer won’t be a perfect solution for all of your customers.

Many companies have found that by just asking their customers for feedback, they can develop better products and services. The simple truth is that listening to what they have to say is enough to grab their attention. That’s because most people think companies don’t care about what they have to say!

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