Steps You Need To Take If You Get Injured At Work



There’s every chance that during your day at work you might have an accident. Especially in physical jobs that require lots of moving and lifting. But even in a casual office job there’s scope for you getting injured at work. It could be serious, it could be nothing to worry about. The important thing to remember is that there are certain things you do if you get injured. This step by step guide will show you what to do if you get hurt at work.

Report It

You must report the accident when it happens. Do it as soon as possible. Even if you aren’t in serious pain at the time, you should always report it. If you don’t report the accident, then it isn’t filed away on record. What this means is there’s no proof of the accident ever happening. So the company can deny it happened if things ever go to court. Even if you aren’t hurt at the time, that doesn’t mean the pain isn’t delayed.

Get Help

The order of these first two steps depends on the severity of your injury. If you have a minor accident, like your chair breaks, but you’re ok, then report it straight away. If it’s something more serious and you’re in immediate pain, you need to get medical assistance first. Make sure you find someone and tell them you’re hurt, they can call the emergency services or find someone with first aid training. The sooner you get yourself checked out, the better. Especially in situations where the accident has drawn blood, you’ll need to stop the flow & see if you need stitches.

Legal Advice

If you’ve been injured at work, then there will be legal issues to go over. You need to make sure that you have an understanding of the law and if you’re entitled to a claim. The best ways to do this are to ask your union rep or find a personal injury lawyer. Your union rep should have simplified versions of the law for you to understand. Whereas a personal injury lawyer can tell you exactly what the law is and if you’re entitled to compensation. There are injury law firms, like Kenneth A. Wilhelm that have FAQ’s on their websites regarding accidents at work. This way you may be able to find a way to gather information on your situation.

Make A Claim

If you find out you’re entitled to compensation, the next step is making a claim. Hire a personal injury lawyer and they can get everything sorted for you. They’ll deal with the case and make it their mission to win it for you. They will provide you with advice on your claim and tell you what you need to do. A lot of personal injury lawyers will only charge you a fee if they win you money. So if you are entitled you may as well make a claim, you’ll only pay for it if you win money back anyway!

These steps are vital for anyone injured at work. But it’s also important that people with their own business know the legalities of work accidents. If you’re a business owner, you’ll need to understand premise liability, in case accidents happen at your place of work.

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