Five Employees That Every Business Needs In A Crisis

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In the past couple of years, all business has been hit by the economic downfall and the unfortunate economic conditions. But, there is always more than one thing that can hurt your business and in some ways you are in the lap of the Gods. So, when crisis strikes, you need to count on the right people to get your company back on its feet. If you don’t have a mixture of these people on the payroll, start looking. These are the employees that every business needs.

The Morale Booster

When everyone’s heads drop, they need lifting as soon as possible. Low morale is a death sentence because no work gets finished, and if it does it will be a low standard of work. The workforce might be feeling bad for themselves, or they might be scared that their job is at risk, and they won’t be able to pay the mortgage this month. The morale booster, whoever it is, will find the bright spots in the most desperate of situations and boost employees’ mental health.

The Mentor

If you are going through a bad period, your standards might start to drop. Apart from the obvious effects on quality and sales, it isn’t good for the inexperienced members of the team. Every business has ‘newbies’ who need training and guiding through the business’ structure, which is where the mentor excels. Whoever needs help gets help because the mentor loves to teach be the person that everyone turns to in a crisis.

The Defender

Think crisis and you may think legal action. It is a massive possibility and a situation that almost all businesses go through as they grow and expand, whether it is warranted or not. An attorney, then, is a must just in case the worst happens as a lot can go wrong in the business sector even in the most benign of situations. For example, a slip and a fall can soon require personal injury lawyers like Zaner Harden to fight your corner.

The Know It All

Usually, you would avoid these people at all costs. However, when you are in a crisis, they are essential. Yes, they are incredibly annoying, but they are also the kind of person to seek as much knowledge as possible. It might be to brown nose or show off, but in the end the know it all is a fountain of knowledge that might be crucial to your recovery.

The Challenger

When everything goes rosy, it is perfect. But, when the proverbial hits the fan, there is no time for yes-men and enablers; you need someone who is going to challenge and question everything. It is time-consuming and frustrating, but the challenger ensures every detail is agonized over beforehand.

No matter what type of business you are when the worst happens everyone has to play their part. These five characters above play their part more so than most, even if you don’t realize it to begin with, and they are essential in an emergency.

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