Easy Ways Your Business Can Make Money Through Advertising

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One of the best ways for a business to make some extra cash is through advertising. The ways you can make money through advertising are diverse. Here are some of the best ways for your business to make money through ads.

On Your Website

Every business needs a website as there are undeniable benefits to having one. One of these is ad revenue. You can earn money through advertisements on your website. There are a couple of ways to do this:

Sell Ad Space

You can contact various companies and sell ad space on your site to them. If they’re interested, then they’ll buy the space that suits them and you can place an ad of their choice there.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an easy way for any business to earn revenue through ads. The good thing about AdSense is that you don’t have to worry about client relations. Google find all the ads for you, all you need to do is sign up. They also let you customize how the ads look on your website.

Via An App

Developing an app for your business opens up a whole other means of advertising revenue. One of the main way ‘free’ apps make money is through advertising. You’ll need to choose a mobile ad service in order to insert ads in your app. After signing up with your service of choice you need to decide where you want the ad to appear. This is as simple as inserting specific code. If you don’t know how to do this, or even how to develop an app, you might want to consider hiring an app development company. Sites like http://www.appquotes.com.au/ help with app development as well as marketing.

Through YouTube Videos

Your business can make money through YouTube advertisements. It’s a good idea for your business to have a YouTube channel as part of the marketing campaign. Making promotional videos is a good way to market a business. You can also upload regular update videos to keep customers updated. But you can also make money through ads on these videos. You can sign up for the ‘YouTube Partner Program’ to monetize your videos. You can find a guide on if your channel is eligible here. Once you’re a YouTube partner, then ads will get placed on your videos. You make a certain amount of money per 1000 views, so make sure your content is good and watchable!


This method can be used across all three mediums above. It’s the old fashioned way of someone paying you to advertise something for them. You get paid a sum of money and you just have to advertise/promote a product on your site/app/YouTube channel. It’s an easy way to earn money advertising. The downside is that you need companies to be willing to pay you.

Advertising is a very popular way of making extra money for your business. If you’ve truly immersed your business in the digital arts, you can maximize ad revenue across various means.

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