Cutting Edge Video Marketing Trends to Watch Out For

Using video as part of your marketing strategy is becoming more important than ever before. Whether you create stand-alone content or video ads, you shouldn’t ignore it. Producing content that’s a mix of text, images and videos is now more critical to the success of your advertising efforts than in the past. As businesses start to use video more, the way that they use it is changing. There are lots of emerging trends, and it’s essential to keep up with them. If you want to use video in your marketing strategy, or you already do, watch out for these critical trends to follow.


Videos on Mobile

People are now viewing videos and other web content on their mobile devices more than ever. Whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet or another device, they behave in different ways to laptop and desktop computers. Content needs to be optimized to view on a smaller screen, as well as take advantage of features like touchscreens. If you make videos to advertise your company, you need to keep these devices in mind.

Focused Target Marketing

Previously, many people have cast their net out extremely wide to reach as many people as possible. But they may be starting to think about a more targeted way to get their message out. Focusing on a small number made of distinct groups can bring in more valuable traffic and customers than trying to address everyone. If you ask any web marketing company, they will tell you that narrowing down your target audience can be much better. Sites where you can post videos and ads will let you choose from a range of factors to reach the best people.

Interactive Video

Businesses are starting to use videos that viewers can engage with. They no longer have to watch them passively. They can add features such as games, surveys and sharing buttons for social media sites. Interactive videos could range from “choose your own adventure” type storylines to allowing customers to shop while still in the video. These methods are excellent for keeping people engaged and interested in the product.

Website Videos

More companies are beginning to feature videos on their websites. This tactic makes their sites more interactive and engaging. For example, you might choose to have a video on your homepage, which explains how your product or service works. People often prefer to find out these things through video, rather than having to read through a wall of text.

Casual Approach

Formal videos tend to be more miss than hit when compared with those that take more of a casual approach. Using humor and a friendly tone to talk to your audience will help them relate better than a man in a suit, talking straight into the camera. Getting creative with video concepts will make watching more enjoyable, and people will be more likely to share.

Now is the time to start using video as part of your marketing strategy. But make sure you keep up with the trends to ensure that you see success.

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