Cathy And The President’s Education Awards Program

This year my beautiful, sweet, and super smart Cathy has received so many awards – including a letter for academics. When the awards ceremonies were coming up this last month we received a letter informing us that she would be receiving an award, but didn’t specify what award it would be. When I told Cathy about it she seriously wasn’t interested in going. She just didn’t see the point of having to go up on a stage and receive an award for something she would have done anyway. For this I was torn. I was so proud because she was receiving an award and I know that she wasn’t working just to get an award (although a wonderful accomplishment), but I was also not happy because I felt that she was robbing me of my opportunity to be able to watch my super smart daughter receive this award. But, it’s her award and her decision.

Well, we received the awards in the mail yesterday and I have to say that I am so very, very proud of her! I literally had tears in my eyes when I read the awards because I know how hard she has worked to earn the grades she has. Her and I have spent many, many nights up late studying for tests or just reading her AP Euro book. And there have been countless nights that I have woken her up after she fell asleep at the dining room table or on her bedroom floor while studying to tell her to go to bed. There’s been many papers that I’ve helped her with, many brainstorming sessions, and too many trips to the library to count (or searches online) for books she needed for her classes.

Her first award is the Hemet High School Certificate of Achievement for her exceptional ability and her achievement of outstanding recognition in Chemistry. I know that she really disliked this class, but she certainly excelled!


The second award she received was the President’s Education Awards Program for outstanding academic excellence. At the end of the year she earned straight A’s! Even in her AP Eruo class. All of her hard work and late nights certainly paid off. This year she will be taking TWO AP classes. I can’t express how proud of her I am!

Presidents Award

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