What Do All Bloggers Need To Know About SEO?



Blogging is an excellent way to be creative, meet like minds and work on your writing skills. Once you’ve been blogging for a while, you may think about promoting yourself more. Many bloggers will find it confusing that they don’t get to work on as many exciting opportunities as others. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential if you want to get your blog in front of a large online audience.

Domain Authority

I often come across bloggers asking what domain authority is, so here’s a quick explanation. Domain authority is a score given to a website that can be anywhere between 0 and 100. Your domain authority will increase as your site gets stronger over time. Domain authority or DA is calculated by complicated algorithms. Your score takes into account information such as, how many people are linking to your website. The higher your domain authority is, the more likely you are to rank on the first pages of search engine results.

Many bloggers can expect to find they can build to be towards the 20-30 range. Don’t worry if this seems low. If you’re a blogger that works with PR companies, they’ll prefer to work with blogs around this range. PR companies want to see that people are linking to your site, and you’re getting lots of visibility on search engines. Tracking your domain authority is a good indicator of how well you’re doing.


So many bloggers forget about the importance of images on their posts. If you blog in a niche such as fashion or beauty, it’s probable that your blog will be much more image-centered. When your blog’s primary focus is images rather than content, you want to make sure that they are searchable. When you upload pictures to your blog, most blogging platforms will provide you with a range of options. There will be a space to fill in a title tag, meta description and alternative text. Filling in these spaces with relevant keywords will mean that your images will show up search results. When people are searching for pictures; they could end up on your blog.


To have more choices when it comes to managing SEO, you should be using a self-hosted blog. Many bloggers when they start will choose a free blogging platform. Free platforms will give you a URL such as ‘www.myfirstblog.bloggingplatform.com’. There’s no problem with this, but if you want to rank highly and improve your domain authority you’ll need to be self-hosted. Once you’re self-hosted, you’ll have a URL such as ‘www.myfirstblog.com’. With a self-hosted site, you’ll be able to use plugins to optimize your SEO. Self-hosting also means you can work with an agency like All Things SEO. If you have a small blog you might not need the help. But, once your blog grows, you might not have time to do your own SEO! Being self-hosted also allows you more freedom as you can take part in things such as affiliate linking.


Technical SEO elements aside, what most bloggers should concentrate on is good content. If your content is strong and engaging, you’ll find things such as your domain authority naturally improve. People will be more willing to link and share your website if the content is good. The more links and shares you get, the higher you’ll climb search engine rankings.

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