Staffing Appropriately: Employee Morale

Staffing appropriately is imperative to keeping employee morale up among all employees. Keeping employees happy will reduce employee turnover costs, allow employees to keep up with industry trends and new products or services, increase development opportunities, and increase overall productivity.

Industry Trends and New Products

Employees who are interested in or who are extremely knowledgeable about the industry, products, and services that he or she is selling will be more enthusiastic overall. Someone who is more enthusiastic about a product or service is more likely to use it, and therefore, really learn it. Knowing more about the industry, including competitors, gives that employee an advantage as they are able to share this knowledge with customers, thus increasing sales (usually drastically). They’ll know who the competitors are, how to sell against them, how to handle customer objections, and how to give the best customer service.

Creating schedules that allow employees time to do industry research by going to seminars, completing classes, or being involved in conference calls about industry topics will go a long way to motivate employees. Even tasking employees with brining a new topic or news article into a team meeting to share with everyone is helpful to share the knowledge.


Any employee who is truly interested in the business, industry, and getting ahead in life (most people), need and want to develop their skills and abilities. Giving employees the opportunity to increase their knowledge base, their skillset, and the ability to move up within the company will increase employee morale tenfold. This gives them something to look forward to, and build their confidence by increasing their knowledge base.

Scheduling employees to work with a mentor or manager can increase developmental opportunities quickly, especially with employees who truly want to gain knowledge and move up. Scheduling an employee to work in different departments or areas of the business can increase their knowledge base, allow them to become cross-trained, increase their overall value to the organization, and increase their confidence in the business and with customers.


Increase Productivity

Who doesn’t want increased productivity in their business? This means increased revenue! To schedule for the best productivity possible schedule employees so that:

  • You have enough employees on the floor to assist customers, but not too many that they are standing around.
  • Schedule specific tasks for specific employees (i.e. training, stocking, etc.). This will allow additional employees to be available in the event more customers come in, but also allows them to focus on other tasks until they are needed.

Also have downtime activities clearly laid out for employees during slow business times so that more work is accomplished (i.e. cleaning, training, stocking, customer call backs, etc.). Always follow up with accountability. If an employee chooses not to conduct tasks as asked, ensure you have the processes in place to warn or write up that employee. You don’t want to be paying an employee to stand around as this lowers the morale of other employees and decreases the businesses revenue.

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