The Big Reasons Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Website

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Smartphones are one of the fastest digital trends of all time. The rate at which they have dominated a tech market is unprecedented. It ushered in the use of tablets behind it which has proved wildly successful. It’s no longer a case of planning for the mobile takeover, it’s already happened! If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you’re running late. Here’s why…

Sheer numbers

There are 7 billion people in the world, and 6 billion of them own a mobile phone. That is a gigantic number of people with the potential for internet access. Of course, not all of these devices are smartphones or capable of 3G. However, the potential is there for the future. In the developed world, more people will load up their first web page on a phone than on a laptop or computer. You need to be prepared for this global event.

50% of web traffic takes place through mobile devices

At the turn of 2015, mobile internet usage finally overtook computer access. More people than ever are accessing data through a mobile device. This will only increase. If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you are now ignoring half of all internet users. This is a gamble you can no longer afford to take.

The growth of social media

Social media is now the single biggest activity on the internet. Much of this is powered and driven by mobile access. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all heavily based on mobile use. It drives the sharing of content and that content must be accessible on mobile. This will generate sales leads and build community. If you are producing articles, videos or photos, they must be suitable for mobile sharing.

Because Google says so

Google have come out very strongly in favor of the mobile revolution. It has taken steps to optimize its search results for mobile devices. Not only that but it actively encourages all developers to build mobile friendly sites. Google has expressed a preference for responsive web design & development. This means that all content is hosted on one site, with one URL and the site adapts to the platform. Initially developers were creating entirely separate mobile sites.

E Commerce is flooding the mobile market

If you rely on your online store for your business, it’s essential that you cater for mobile audiences. More customers than ever are using mobile devices and tablets specifically. The amount of impulsive mobile shopping has increased rapidly. A simple, mobile friendly e commerce store is essential for your business.

Because it’s easy

Quite simply, there is no reason not to incorporate responsive designs into your site! Every good web developer and designer has been planning for this revolution. They all know how to build these types of sites. Even self-build templates like WordPress and Tumblr offer responsive themes as standard. There really is no excuse not to have a responsive, mobile site.

Convinced yet? If you don’t believe us, believe the numbers! Mobile internet access is growing and it’s about to explode in the developing world. If you don’t already have a strong mobile strategy, now’s the time to build one!

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