Pro Cycle Tech In SoCal

Pro Cycle Tech

Last month we had Pro Cycle Tech come to our house to do some work on our motorcycle. He was very professional, reasonably priced (less than taking it to the shop), and did an excellent job on our bike! He was also very quick with the repairs we needed (front and rear brakes, full tune-up – including changing fluids, spark plugs, and valve’s).

Contact information for Pro Cycle Tech:

Areas covered (Southern California only): Corona / Riverside / San Bernardino up to Temecula

Phone: 951-970-8108


Pros for hiring a mobile motorcycle or automotive repair service:

  1. He is mobile – he comes to you! Why should I take my bike somewhere when I can have him come to me? This is especially true when the bike is down. It’s expensive to tow a motorcycle.
  2. He has his full setup with him – as you can see from the picture, he has a trailer he brings with him, and it’s all setup with everything he needs to work on a bike.
  3. His availability is flexible – because he is mobile, he can work within your schedule. There will obviously be some limitations depending on his schedule, but it is much more flexible than taking it into the shop (usually for a few days).
  4. You’re comfortable while you wait – instead of waiting in an uncomfortable waiting area with uncomfortable chairs, you’re waiting in the comfort of your home (and even getting things done) while waiting for your bike to be fixed.
  5. Lower overhead – I found that the cost to fix up my bike was much less with Pro Cycle Tech and by taking it into the shop.
  6. The right parts – as long as you let him know what you need done on your bike ahead of time, he can order the parts and have them before arriving.

Whether you take your vehicle into a shop or have someone come out and complete repairs, I always recommend checking them out first. Just because they have a shop doesn’t mean that they do good work, or are affordable. This is especially true with motorcycles and off-roading toys as they tend to be expensive to fix and you really need someone who knows what they are doing.

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