Make Money From Instagram: A Guide For Newbies

In case you didn’t know, Instagram is a popular social network where you can share images with your friends and the public. It’s given rise to a generation of “happy snappers” to like to take photos of things that interest them.

The features I love the most about Instagram are how you can comment on photos in your feed. And you can also edit your images to make them look even better! As you might have guessed, Instagram is used on smartphones and tablets. Although you can look at Instagram images through a computer as well.


Instagram is a great way to share photos. But, did you know that you can also make money on the platform too?

Just like with Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is an excellent way to earn a passive income. Savvy entrepreneurs have been doing this for a while now, but it’s not something that is widely publicized.

So, how can you earn some money with Instagram? Here is what you need to know:

Get a decent smartphone

By decent, I mean one that has a high-specification camera built into it. These days, most smartphones have 8 megapixel or higher cameras with an LED flash. Because you will most likely be using your mobile to take photos, it’s essential you have one that can take decent photos!

Of course, in an ideal world you would use a real camera to take photos. The trouble is; doing so isn’t that convenient. That’s why it makes sense to use your mobile device instead. I won’t recommend any particular smartphones because new models come out all the time.


Issa Asad of Florida is a gentleman that wrote an entire e-book on the subject of monetizing your Instagram account! One tip he recommends is that you should “post-process” your images when possible.

In layman’s terms, that means using software like Adobe Photoshop to enhance the looks of your photos.

For example, you can adjust the brightness, contrast and color depth of them. Instagram does have some filters you can use in their apps, but nothing beats computer-based software for the job!

If you must use your mobile device for post-processing, consider using an app like VSCO Cam. It offers Photoshop-like features. And it makes it quick and easy for busy snappers to post-process their images.

Market your images

The final part of your strategy is to market your snaps! For instance, let’s say that you took a photo of a trendy pair of shoes. Sign up to an affiliate link network that has a shoe retailer on there. Create your link, and then use a URL shortening service like Bitly to generate a link for you.

Whenever people visit that site through your link, and they buy those shoes, you will end up making a commission on the sale! You can use affiliate links with any service. Just make sure the link network includes the site you want to use.

Now you know how to start making money from your Instagram snaps. Good luck!

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