Gardening Basics: Annuals

An annual is a plant that lives for only one season. An annual will be planted, sprout, flower, seed, and then die all in the same year. These plants are usually bright and showy, they tend to bloom all season long, and are usually less expensive than perennials because they do have to be planted each year. However, because of their seeding you may end up with new plants sprouting the following year without having to plant anything new, but they usually aren’t where you want them.

Be sure to check the tags with each plant to determine whether they would act as an annual or perennial in your specific zone hardiness area.

A few annuals that would thrive in the desert (where I live) include:

Cosmos Bipinnatus
Cosmos Bipinnatus – these are very colorful flowers that can grow from 1 – 7 feet tall, depending on growing conditions. The colors vary and can be used to accent nearly any garden.
Dahlberg Daisy
Dahlberg Daisy – who doesn’t like daisies? They are very aromatic and take me back to my childhood.
Fan Flowers
Fan Flowers – these are beautiful flowers that are purple, pink, or white and can grow up to about 2 ½ feet high.
Lantana – these gorgeous small flowers are known for their showiness as they bloom fully throughout the summer, they love 100 degree weather, and need very little watering.



Mexican Sunflower
Mexican Sunflower – these gaudy flowers bloom a bright orange with a yellow center and are absolutely beautiful as a contrast color as a garden border.





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