Book Review: Planning Your Project Like A Pro By Brad Egeland

Planning a project like a proThe e-book Planning Your Project like a Pro 7 Things to do Before Starting a Project by Brad Egeland is a great read with lots of great information. This book is geared toward people who work in a project management position, or may have the need to take on a project occasionally where they are responsible to other people for the project timeline, cost, and results.

While this book is really geared at working with external clients, these tips can work very well with internal clients. I have actually used quite a few of these suggestions while working on my own projects.

Egeland reviews each phase of project planning in a broad enough sense that the information can be used at multiple levels and for nearly all projects. He covers things like the planning fundamentals; remembering that there will always be changes, so planning in the beginning and allowing for the time and costs for changes is advantageous; and that planning reduces uncertainty, increases understanding, and improves efficiency. I know from first-hand experience that planning is at the core of well thought out project and is absolutely necessary to finishing a project on time, within budget, and to the customers’ expectations.

Some of the project areas that Egeland covers includes the project kickoff, the initial schedule, planning for risk, project communication, and how much planning is really enough. He includes some of the necessary definitions of project planning, explains what is included in each area or phase of a project, and even the people you will need to plan to communicate with. For example, Egeland suggests that when presenting the project to the client that you should be sure to take detailed notes of anything they aren’t sure of or may want to change as these will likely become changes in the project plan later on.

Egeland communicates his thoughts and ideas very well. He also provides a summary and takeaways at the end of each section, which is great for getting a brief recap of the section.

As someone who has worked with project management for several years I know that sometimes it can be challenging to work through all the phases, all the planning, and especially the communication throughout the duration of the project. Egeland gives great suggestions in each area for the beginner and for someone who has worked many projects throughout their career.

I would recommend this free e-book that is available through the Amazon Kindle app to anyone who is, or could be, involved in project planning or management with internal or external clients.

Visit his website to learn more about Egeland and find more books written by him.

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