Book Review: How To Work For Yourself By Bryan Cohen

How to work for yourselfI’m always on the lookout for new ways to help me be successful, both professionally and personally. How to Work for Yourself by Bryan Cohen brings some great thoughts to the table. Having a blog myself (and as I am attempting to write a book…or two), I have tried some of these suggestions, I hadn’t thought about some of these suggestions, and they are all great reminders. I believe that the book read, the conference attended, or the speech heard is always worth it even if I take one new idea or thought away that I can use to make me a better person or that I can use to help someone else.

Even though Cohen wrote this book to help those looking to create a business, blog, or book, all of these ideas can be used in so many aspects of a person’s life to help us be better people. We all want and need to make money, if for nothing else but to survive, right? Some of us seem to work harder than others to make ends meet (you know what I’m talking about). This is where the lesson of “work smarter, not harder” applies. Creating a continuous income on our own and through our own efforts is certainly the most rewarding, I think. I have seen individuals work two, or even three, jobs just to make ends meet. These are some very dedicated and hardworking people and I don’t think that I could do that. Hence, the reason I (like many other people) am looking into how I can make money that works for me.

Cohen provides several tips on how to gain 5 minutes a day. If all of these tips are used, we can gain an additional hour a day! I don’t know about you, but an extra hour a day can go a long way to helping me succeed in many areas of my life. Some of these ideas are simple and helped me change how I do some things to help gain additional time to put toward my other interests.

Cohen goes on to offer advice on saving time, gaining new and renewed energy from yourself and others, fixing finances, to invest or not to invest, learning how to increase your creativity, and even on how to build on your relationships. Relationships, as Cohen expresses, are critical to ensuring your goals are met and you become successful. This includes involving your significant other in your project or goal at some level, even if it is to just be able to spend more time with them.

As the title suggests, Cohen also offers 100 (plus some) ways to work for yourself and how to be successful in whatever you choose to do to make money. I recommend this (free on the Kindle) book as it is easy to read and it offers great ideas for those just starting out on their new business, book, or blog.

Cohen also offers a video course for those wanting more information or additional advice. Cohen states that the information in his book and the information presented in his video course is different. I have not purchased the video course and cannot review it at this time. To read more from Cohen and to learn more about him, click here.

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