My ‘Little’ Brother Came For A Visit

For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook ,ย Instagram, or Twitter here are some great pictures of my brother, his family, and my family! And for those who do follow me, here are more pictures!

My brother and I hadn’t talked in several years, but I missed him so very much! We finally connected again, thank goodness! Then, this last Friday he, his wife, and their daughter (THE cutest little girl in the world!) surprised me by showing up at my house for a visit! This was probably the best surprise I’ve had in a really long time! Here’s some pictures from our time hanging out.


David, Stephanie (prego with baby Jonathan), and Hailey
David, Stephanie (prego with baby Jonathan), and Hailey


Kristy and David
Kristy and David
Chaz, Kiara and Hailey
Chaz, Kiara and Hailey

Chaz Kiara and Hailey 2

Chaz Addie and Hailey

Chaz and Hailey 2
Hailey playing peek-a-boo with her shirt


Chaz and Hailey
Saying bye-for-now…she didn’t want them to go, either.
David and Addie
Addie isn’t as little (or as light) as she used to be, is she?


David and Smokey
David and Smokey…they haven’t seen each other in years! She’s still a little brat!


Addie and Hailey 3
Addie and Hailey – buckets are just as good at boxes to play in!


Orion Addie and Hailey
Orion was very curious of this little person. Both Orion and Toby (our puppies) were immediately very protective over this sweet little girl!

Addie and Hailey 2

Kristy and Hailey 2
Me and my sweet Hailey! She loves to cuddle!


David Kristy and Hailey
David being a funny guy! LOL!


She wants outside with the puppies LOL!


Kristy and Hailey
Hailey and I taking selfies ๐Ÿ™‚


Addie and Hailey
Cousins ๐Ÿ™‚


Kiara Addie and Hailey 2
Kiara, Addie and Hailey

Kiara Addie and Hailey



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