LinkedIn: Setting Up A Customized URL

Creating a customized URL for your LinkedIn profile is one way to 1) look more professional, 2) create a shorter URL for recruiters to type in to find you, and 3) create a shorter URL to include on a resume, blog, or other publications.

Creating this customized URL is really quite easy:

1. Go to your profile on LinkedIn and click Edit to edit your profile.

LinkedIn 1

2. Click Edit next to your current URL (under your picture).

LinkedIn 2

3. Scroll down just a little bit and look to the right side of the page. You will see a box titled Your public profile URL. In this box you will see a title called Your current URL, click on the link that says Customize your public profile URL.

LinkedIn 3

4. This box will pop up where you can enter in your customized URL. I recommend using your name, but you can type pretty much anything in here (as long as it isn’t already taken by someone else).

5. Once you are satisfied with your URL name, click Set Custom URL.

LinkedIn 4

6. Scroll to the top of your profile page and you will see your new LinkedIn customized URL.

LinkedIn 2

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