How I Overcome Blogging Block

Every once in a while I draw a blank as to what I should write about here for my blog. I know, I know, there’s soooomany things out there to write about, especially since my blog covers so many different topics. Even still, sometimes it just doesn’t come easily for me. It’s called writers block, but I call it blogging block.

I want to keep providing quality information for people to read in the areas that I write about, so when I’m having a blogging block, here’s what I do:idea

  1. Scour LinkedIn: there are tons of new, important, and relevant topics to discuss on LinkedIn. I read a lot of the articles and posts here to get some ideas for topics that are relevant to what I typically write about and to the business industry in general.
  2. Other Blogs – I have several blogs that I keep tabs on. When I have a blogging block I go through all (or a few) of these sites and read posts that I’ve read before or anything new that’s been posted recently to help me get ideas to write about.
  3. Google Search – when all else fails, I do a google search for writing ideas. You’d be amazed (or not) about how many blogs are out there with writing ideas. I may even do a few of these myself as there are so many things to write about.
  4. Create a List – as I go through each of these sources I write down any ideas that come to me that I may want to write about. Then, I pick the one that interests me the most or that I think has the most relevance at the moment.

I certainly don’t want to ‘steal’ ideas or information. So, when I do choose a topic I conduct my own research and draw from my own experiences on the topic. I rarely write on topics that I have no idea about, but I occasionally have the opportunity to do some research to learn about a whole new topic. Then again, I do research on nearly any topic I write about so that I not only know what I’m talking about, but so I can also give the most amount of information possible to my readers.

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