A Great Day With My Girls

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of spending a great day with two of my girls, Kiara and Addie. There happened to be a couple of things going on in our little town so we took advantage of the day.

First, we went to the Fire Station 1 Open House

(which they held behind the Police Department)

Addie in the cab at the back end of the really long fire truck.


Addie and Kiara in front of the Air Medic helicopter.


Kiara and Addie at the back of the Air Medic helicopter. (I was too tall to sit in the back, but I tried)


Kiara and Addie in front of one of the original fire trucks in Hemet. Addie thought it looks ‘weird’…so precious 🙂


Then, we went to the Pumpkin Patch

Addie and Kiara at the front of the Pumpkin Patch…gonna have some fun!


They (hesitantly) climbed the hay stack for a picture (apparently they don’t like heights either).


The 5 foot mark is hidden behind her head…by a couple of inches.


Here’s Addie…not quite to the 5 foot mark yet (thankfully).


Addie is my little pumpkin 🙂


Kiara, Addie, and I on top of the hay stack.


They also went through the Pumpkin Patch Maze (they got lost and ended up climbing over one of the hay stacks to get to the other side) and went to the petting zoo. We had such a blast! I love spending time with my girls!

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