Update On My New Landscape

Sometimes you have to have a little trial and error when planting a garden. Some plants just do better than others, and some just don’t do well even if they should based on your climate and the type of plant(s) you are putting in. The great thing about Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Walmart is that they all have a 1 year guarantee on their plants. I keep all receipts and containers when I plant anything. That way, if they don’t do well, then I can exchange them for something else. There are lots of reasons why a plant may not make it: it went into shock when planted and just couldn’t recover (usually a result of handling the roots too rough or too much breakage of the roots when planting), the soil isn’t rich enough for the plant, it wasn’t watered enough (or maybe too much – they can die for too much water, too) in the beginning, or maybe it gets too much/not enough sun in that specific spot. Whatever the reason, it does happen.

This is what happened in my front yard. I had planted some shrubs that were supposed to be hardy and perfect for the (hot) desert. Unfortunately, they just didn’t survive, but I did keep them alive for a few months. So, I replaced them with these ice plants (which seem to be doing much better):

Ice plant
This was planted about a month ago and is blooming quite nicely!


And one of my three blueberry bushes just didn’t make it, so I replaced it with this shrub that I think looks perfect there:

This pretty bush that produces tiny purple flowers replaced one of my blueberry bushes that didn't make it
This pretty bush that produces tiny purple flowers replaced one of my blueberry bushes that didn’t make it

I got rid of the white rock in my front yard and planted a ton of new plants (flowers, trees, and shrubs) throughout my yard. Here’s some picture updates with how they are holding up in the triple digit heat we’ve been having lately.

My other two blueberry bushes are here as well. They don’t seem to be doing too well, but I’m trying to nurse them back to health. I think that they just get too much sun (and it’s been tooooo hot) in that area.

Front Area
The front area that didn’t have anything before those palm trees in the back
My hibiscus seem to be doing quite well as they are filling out nicely. I can’t wait until they are full grown! They are going to be absolutely gorgeous!

We recently had a little bug infestation on a couple of our trees (we had little white crystal looking things on some of the leaves). Luckily, I pay attention to my plants and caught it quickly and I took care of it with a bug spray specifically made for plants. I got the concentrated stuff that I had to mix – it didn’t smell that great, but it did the job wonderfully! No more bugs! For planting these as little babies only 6-7 months ago, they are doing very well!

Tree 1
One of my trees (either the lemon or lime…I can’t remember which). It is growing quite nicely!
Tree 2
This is either a lemon or a lime tree (again, I don’t remember which one was which). This one seems to be growing more out that up, but that’s okay.

I didn’t get pictures of my rose bushes, my aloe plants, my shrubs in the front, or my orange trees, but they are all doing beautifully, too. It’s a little bit of work to make sure the weeds are pulled (and weed spray is administered in those spots), watering, bug spraying, transplanting, etc., but it is all worth it! I love my front yard and I think that this was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

P.S. I’d still like to add an avocado and apple tree to my yard and maybe a couple other small plants around the sitting area, but that will come in time.

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