Do Not Purchase From First American Home Buyers Protection

I highly recommend finding a good home warranty company when you own a home. Things happen to large appliances and without these services you could be stuck paying hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, to repair those items.

As a personal example, I didn’t know my home warranty company covered the plumbing and when my washing machine plumbing backed up I called a plumber and paid just short of $200 to have it cleared. My home warranty company would have only charged me the $60 service fee.

But, the challenge is finding a truly good home warranty company. I can attest to the fact that First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation is NOT one of those good companies.

In June of this year I called to file a service request because my AC was not pushing out cold air (I paid for service on the unit in September last year and had the Freon filled). First American’s contractor put a screw through the Freon line and coil, completely destroying my AC unit. I was told by one of their representatives, “You can’t prove that our contractors put the screw in, so we don’t have to cover it.” Great customer service, right? Needless to say, they are refusing to fix/replace the unit.

I’m in the process of cancelling my policy, but now I’m told it can take up to 30 days to cancel the policy and for me to receive the refund! And now we are stuck in triple digit heat with no AC because we can’t afford the $4k+ to replace the unit at this time!

I do NOT recommend First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation to any home owner!

I live and learn…

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