DIY Home Upgrades – Replacing Facade On A House

When I purchased my home I knew that I’d have quite a bit of work to do on it. Some projects have been much larger than others, such as this one.

There is facade wood on the front of my house, around the front windows, and instead of brick or stucco. Unfortunately, the person that put this wood in used quite a bit of particleboard (not recommended for the front of a house), they didn’t seal the wood with anything (no caulking, not base paint, nothing), and the wood wasn’t cut correctly. This resulted in the wood and particleboard becoming extremely warped, it bowed out all over the place, and it allowed the elements to get to the house. There was no seal and was extremely easy to pull down.

This is the old, dull, warped paneling
This is the old, dull, warped paneling

Here are the steps we took to replace these sections:

  1. Measured the areas to determine how much wood would be needed.
  2. I purchased wood (panels, 1×3’s, and 1×2’s) that is meant to be used on the outside of the house.
  3. I purchased all other materials needed, i.e. waterproof caulking, waterproof primer, paint, paint brushes, paint pans, wood screws, finishing nails, etc.
  4. We pulled down the old wood and particleboard off the wall.
  5. We took measurements again and cut the wood for each of the sections.
  6. Then the wood pieces went on and were secured with wood screws.
  7. We used the 1×2’s and 1×3’s for the edges and to cover the seams – these were secured with finishing nails to keep them from splitting when nailed in.
  8. Once all pieces were secured, we used waterproof caulking on all edges and to cover all nails and screws.
  9. Then, the primer and paint went on.

I wanted a color that would make the front of my house pop, so I chose Stained Glass Blue for the blue. I know this color will dim because of the sun, but repainting every couple of years won’t be an issue since it doesn’t cover the entire house.

A little bit of color, an all new house!
A little bit of color, an all new house!

While painting these sections I also repainted the window sills around the kitchen and garage windows, the eaves that needed to be touched up, and the trim around the garage door. I also decided that my front door needed to be brightened up a bit, so we took it down and I painted it and replaced the handle and deadbolt.

A brighter, more colorful front door - inside and out!
A brighter, more colorful front door – inside and out!

It looks like a whole new house now!


  1. That blue color is divine. Kristy, seems like you intended to make a new home out of the old one and I believe you've done a great job. The over all look of the house has considerably changed and it will definitely be a refreshing new environment to live in.

    For someone like me, I am not so much knowledgeable regarding the home interior and decor and I am unable to do the stuff that you are doing. I remember I had to replace my old pane windows with a new vinyl one. For that purpose too, I had to take service help of value windows and doors.

    I wish I was good as you, I don't had to pay to companies. I would have done it myself 😉

    1. Thank you for the compliments! I have to admit that I prefer to do most of my home upgrades and fixing myself, with the help of my team (my husband, brother-in-law, and kids) of course. I\’m the one with the vision, I am (usually) the one to figure out how to do the project, I pick the colors, and I buy all the materials for the projects. Sometimes it\’s a bit difficult to schedule the time to get everyone together to complete the projects, but I make it work. 🙂

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