Happy Easter Sunday – Some Different Traditions


Easter is observed all over the world, but some countries observe the holiday of the resurrection of our Savior in a little different way. In the U.S. we have the Easter Bunny, we color hard-boiled eggs, we give baskets of candy, and we observe the holiday on Easter Sunday. Most retailers used to be closed on Easter Sunday, but this is becoming less and less frequent. The President holds an Easter egg roll on the White House lawn and New York hold an annual Easter parade on Sunday. However, because Easter always falls on a Sunday it is not observed as a federal or state holiday because it’s already a non-working day for state and federal employees.

Canada, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, and several other countries observe Easter Sunday and Easter Monday as public holidays. Some businesses in these countries give their employees the week off for Easter break.

In Greece, Easter is the most sacred observance and preparations and customs begin the Thursday before Easter Sunday.

In Cyprus, along with painting eggs, it is customary to light great fires in school or church yards that are made up of scrap wood. The bigger the fire, the better. Fire fighters usually have to be called to put the fires out.

In Germany, eggs are decorated and hung on branches to turn them into Easter egg trees.

These are just a few of the Easter traditions across the world. I find it fascinating to learn about new cultures and traditions.

What Easter traditions do you have?

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