8 Wonderful (Low-Cost) Valentine’s Day Ideas


heartSome guys / gals are the romantic types that like to surprise their boyfriend / girlfriend or spouse. Have you run out of ideas or just can’t think of something that would be special enough? Here are a few ideas I’ve found that sound absolutely amazing (and are extremely cost-effective for those of us on a budget):

Create your own V-Day card: Sounds easy enough, right? There are lots of websites that can help you with design ideas to make the perfect card if you aren’t the total crafty-type (like me). Making your own card says that you care enough about that person to actually put time and effort into creating something for them that expresses how much you love them.

At-home spa day for her (or him…): I think this one is my favorite!! Give her (or him as the case may be) a basket of bubble bath, candles, a scrub, and a face mask (you can decorate with rose pedals, cut out hearts, or anything you can think of to make it a little more special). When she’s done in the bath you can have just-out-of-the-dryer towels for her to wrap up in.

Breakfast in bed instead of dinner: I love this one! Making pancakes, eggs, waffles, or whatever your guy or gal loves is a great way to say “I love you.” If you want to add the ‘pink’ V-Day theme, a beautiful strawberry-banana smoothie should do the trick. You can still spend time together, you’re saving money for other treats, and this really is much more intimate than sitting in a restaurant.

Baking treats: Baking heart-shaped cookies or a cake, or even cupcakes with pink frosting and heart sprinkles can be a wonderful way to show your love by putting in a little hard work, but making it your own. It beats a box of chocolates that you grabbed off a shelf.

Go on a picnic (indoor or outdoor): Some areas don’t really allow for a picnic outside in February due to the weather, so if this is the case – have an indoor picnic! Grab a picnic tablecloth, some paper plates, finger food, and some nice wine and treat your guy or gal on the floor with some board games or card games.

Rose pedal path: This can be used with any other idea that you do at home (i.e. breakfast, indoor picnic, at-home spa day, etc.). Sprinkle rose pedals from your bed to wherever you want to lead him or her for their surprise. Personally, I like the fake rose pedals because they don’t wilt, they can be used in other crafts, or they can be reused another year.

Movie and popcorn: Rent his or her favorite movie, pop some popcorn, and have a romantic evening in.

These are just a few of the awesome ideas I found. Please don’t think that you are limited to just doing one of these ideas. You can also leave him or her several small surprises throughout the day! This can become a very romantic, cute day for both of you if you develop several small surprises throughout the day. These can include a rose pedal path to the kitchen from your bed where his or her favorite breakfast is waiting, special notes placed throughout the house for him or her to find, rent his or her favorite movie and pop popcorn for a relaxing evening…whatever you can think of.

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