Being Laid Off: A Blessing In Disguise For Me

laid offSometimes in life things can get a bit difficult. Take last week for example. I drive to work like normal. I’m working like normal. Then I get called in and am told that I’m being laid off. I had been with the company for just over four years and had taken on a great deal of projects for multiple departments and my responsibilities continued to grow as I offered my assistance to any department that needed anything I could offer. Those I worked with, and even those who I didn’t work with directly very much, became family to me. I believe my positive attitude, dedication to the company and our customers, and my passion shone through in everything I did and with everyone I interacted with.

While I didn’t see it coming, it makes sense…for me anyway.

I was driving 88 miles to work everyday…one way. I left well before sunrise and returned home after the sun retired for the night. I got up before the roosters even thought about crowing and I went to bed hours before my kids did. I had very little time with my family. My weekends were my only time to get anything done and were filled with shopping, cleaning, doing laundry, fixing little things around the house…you know, the little (and big) things I wasn’t able to get done during the week. I had very little fun time with my family, and I have some pretty great kids to not be with them every chance I can get.

I was exhausted and was only able to carve a little time out for myself from time with my family. I had to for my sanity. But they were all absolutely wonderful (most of the time). Chores would get done (most of the time) and I’d get help doing other things around the house (when I begged). They were all very understanding of my time constraints and responsibilities (with full-on teenage attitudes and pouting). Just kidding, they really have been wonderful. They helped pick up the slack where I wasn’t able.

Like anyone in my situation, I’m scared. There are bills to pay and mouths to feed (namely 4 teenagers and a 9 year old). There’s stress of ‘what do we do now?’ The stress of ‘when will I find another job?’ And the stress of ‘but what about all the bills?’

This, as everything, shall pass. I sympathize and empathize with everyone who has, who is, and who will go through this. There’s few feelings worse than the inability to provide for your family. I know because I’m here now. God will provide. He will help me remain strong. He will help me find a career that will help me be both the best employee and the best parent I possibly can, not just one or the other. I have faith, I have many people who love me (and I them), and I have my will and determination. I’ve been through worse and came out on top. This will be no exception.

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  1. WOW. Definetly a surprise but I agree with two things. 1) A blessing in disguise. Something better will come along for you. 2) YOU are super strong and amazing and can overcome anything. YOU GO GIRL!!!

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