Support Our Troops This Holiday Season

troopsAs we prepare for this holiday season with our families, there are many who won’t be able to join their families for the holidays. Whether they are fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, sons, or daughters, our brave men and women who serve our country won’t be here to celebrate with their families whether they are actively serving or have been wounded and are being cared for in a medical facility either here in the U.S. or abroad.

Please join me in supporting our troops through one of many organizations.

The American Red Cross does so much for communities and for our military. The organization provides assistance to more than 2 million service members and many of the 24 million veterans in our nation! The organization, among many, many other things, collects cards between October and early December and distributes them to military members. There are specific guidelines when sending in cards, so please take a look at these guidelines prior to sending a card. As always, they accept monetary donations as well.

Provide a donation through USO to support our troops.

If you have email addresses for servicemen and women, you can send free eCards through Cross Cards, Blue Mountain, Canva, or you can send a free eCard to a spouse of a serviceman or woman through Real Strength.

The Easter Seals Disability Services offers many great services, including the Dixon Center, financial planning for military and veterans, veterans caregiver training, services for military and veterans communities, programs to help veterans find work, ad provide resources and follow-up support for service members. You can donate time or money to this organization.

Beliefnet promotes several ways to support our troops this holiday season (and anytime throughout the year). Some of the ways to support recommendations include: Supporting military families through Operation Appreciation through Blue Star Families; Providing calling cards and free call days to service members through the VFW; Donating pre-paid calling cards to the Department of Defense Military Exchanges; and Sponsor a troop member by giving a care package through a well-known organization, such as Operation Gratitude, Give 2 the Troops, Operation Troop Aid, or Soldiers’ Angels, just to name a few.

And we certainly can’t forget about our veterans! Here are a couple of organizations where you can donate money or time to aid our veterans.

The Wounded Warrior Project is a way to donate on a specific amount monthly that is used to aid injured servicemen and women and fund direct programs and services to meet the needs of wounded men and women. As a donor, you will receive a fleece blanket, a welcome kit, and updates on warriors and programs your donation helps fund.

The Mission Continues program accepts one-time or recurring donations, funding a fellowship, or hosting a fundraiser. This program allows veterans to serve in their community in any area they choose and helps the veteran to develop professional skills, build a network of professional and personal acquaintances and friends, translate their military skills to the civilian workforce, and provides a cost-of-living stipend provided by the organization through donations. Roughly 30% of all asbestos victims are Veterans, usually being exposed aboard asbestos laden ships and aircraft. Asbestos is a cancer causing substance that was heavily implemented into variety of military grade equipment and vehicles. Visit here to learn more –

**I do not represent, nor am I reimbursed in any way from any of these organizations. If you would like to donate, please research the organization of your choice thoroughly prior to committing to a donation or giving any personal or financial information. This is by no means an exhaustive list of organizations aimed to aid servicemen and women.

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