Wedding Planning Tips And How To Save Your Bank

Credit to Jenny Creno
Photo credit to Jenny Creno

While my wedding was many, many years ago (about 10 ½ to be exact), I’m always up for some great ways to save money, plan ahead, and avoid financial conflicts…oh and to keep it all stress free!! Jenny Creno has shared several wonderful tips and tricks to manage your wedding budget, and even a wedding budget calculator(!), in her article Save

Your Bank As You Save The Date – Wedding Planning Tips Infographic in The Insider.

Having gone to a few weddings (including my own…obviously…) here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way:

1.     Make it your own  – don’t let others tell you what you should or shouldn’t do at your wedding. Incorporate the personalities of you two as a couple into the wedding…it will be much more fun and much more memorable.

2.      Pick the venue – I have seen and heard of many couples getting married on the beach or in a park in a much more casual setting. If you don’t have a ton of money to spend on your wedding, I would recommend finding low-cost (or free is always good…) venues to hold your wedding.

3.      Schedule the after-party – you may want to take a few of your honored guests to an after-party where everyone can really just let-loose. Plan ahead, though. Hire a taxi or bus service (it doesn’t have to be a limo) to take your guests to a local nightclub, bar, restaurant, etc. But make sure the service is also going to drop everyone off at their final destinations at the end of the party.

4.      Guest treats – my brother and his wife did a candy bar at their reception. They had several types of (really tasty) candies in jars and allowed guests to fill their own treat bags with the candy of their choice. My sister-in-law also made a delicious spicy and sweet jam for every guest…delicious!

5.      Master of Ceremonies – find someone to be your Master (or Mistress) of Ceremonies that you believe will make the event fun for everyone (including you) and will help bring out your personalities (because this day is about the both of you). Find someone who is good speaking to crowds, making announcements, getting everyone’s attention, and so forth. I hope I did a good job as the Mistress of Ceremonies for my brother’s wedding…they said I did…


  1. Now a days people don't care about money and just want to impress others. By keeping this mentality in wedding ceremony they spend heavy amount on event organizing. But if you follow some tips then you'll not only save money but also get trusted services of event organizers. Your post describing these tips is very helpful for those people looking for marriage soon.

    1. Learn More, Thank you for your comment. I definitely agree that a wedding should not be about impressing others. It should be about what the bride and groom want, about their personalities, and about making them happy. I have seen far too many couples spend way too much on ceremonies because they think they need to invite every person they’ve ever met, or all 3,000 of their relatives (no matter how distant they are). Personally, I like small, quaint, and personal weddings. I think that it makes for a much more pleasant and intimate memory.

  2. Great advices. 1 of all to sum up is that you should do it in the range of your pockest and as Kristy says: "Don't let others to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do at your wedding.

  3. Actually this is really a very good input about the way to save your bank. I hope that here provided allocation will be appreciate by all. Thanks once again. 🙂

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