11 Reasons NOT To Shop At Perris Valley Kia

Just say NO!
Just say NO!

A couple months ago I was in the market for a new vehicle, so I looked around. I had a few specific needs for my new vehicle in mind and I called a couple dealerships to inquire as to what they would recommend. I had received a pre-qualification letter from a company I have done business with for Perris Valley Kia, and after calling and speaking with them it looked like I could find what I wanted in the 2014 Kia Sorrento. My requirements were: the vehicle must be fuel efficient (since I drive a LOT) and it must be able to seat 7 people (my family). I was told they had just what I need in stock and on the lot, so I went down there.

The first red flag I should have stopped at was that I was talking with a specific person at the dealership about this, but then all of a sudden he stopped answering my calls and calling me back. He apparently took some extra days off that were unexpected. Okay, no problem. I still went in.

The sales staff was nice enough and I test drove what I thought would be my new car. It had the 3rd row option built in, but it was a V6 instead of a 4 cylinder (which is more gas efficient than the former), which I didn’t find out about until I had filled out the paperwork and they started running my credit. Then, all of a sudden they couldn’t find me a 4 cylinder with the 3rd row option within 300 miles of the dealership (even though I was specific about my needs). Hhhmmm…second red flag.

Since they had already hit my credit (11 times total), I figured I’d just go with the 4 cylinder that they presented to me without the 3rd row option (we’ll still have to take two cars whenever we go anywhere as a family – something we are used to). Red flag number three…they hit my credit before finalizing the vehicle.

Then, while signing all of the paperwork I made sure to have GAP coverage included…which they didn’t offer me…fourth red flag.

During the whole 5 hour process, no one took my finance information on my trade-in, other than what my account shows I owed on it (which is obviously not the pay-off amount). Red flag number five.

A few days later I was working with my former finance company to ensure my trade-in was paid off timely and that I receive the full refund that I was entitled to of any overage amount and found that the dealership had not called in to obtain payoff information (i.e. amount, where to send the check, account number, etc.). Instead, Perris Valley Kia blindly sent a check for the amount I told them I owe on the vehicle to the WRONG company (they sent it to Wells Fargo Dealer Services instead of Wells Fargo Auto Finance – completely separate companies that don’t talk to each other). Sixth red flag!

Then, I called (when I was told by the Perris Valley Kia finance lady) the old finance company and canceled my GAP insurance on my trade-in, which should have resulted in a refund back to me for the remainder of the GAP coverage (since I paid a lump sum vs. monthly payments on it). Unfortunately, because the trade-in wasn’t paid when it was supposed to, the GAP refund was absorbed into the trade-in loan, which resulted in NO refund back to me. While the GAP refund was absorbed into the loan, it did not lower the amount of the payoff, which is still financed on my new loan. Red flag number seven!

As I attempted to work with Perris Valley Kia to resolve the issues with the payoff on my trade-in and the refund due to me that I was not receiving, they stopped taking my calls (except by accident, I think), and I couldn’t get a call back. #8!

I finally just showed up and listened to the Finance Manager (who had told me that she wasn’t a manager over the phone) call someone and explain to them that I was there and that she needed an answer. #9.

Then, she showed me to her office where she printed out emails authorizing a refund to me, telling me that there is a check in the mail to me, and that her GM would be emailing me by noon the next day with a copy of the check that is addressed to me that I would be receiving in the mail shortly. Two days later I finally received an email from the GM stating that my former finance company had straightened everything out and had applied the payment to my account, but that Perris Valley Kia wouldn’t be refunding me anything. #10.

As if 10 reasons aren’t enough, to top it all off, I finally got in touch with their Service Department…after 3 days…to schedule my first oil change. #11…we’ll see how well this goes.

I was hesitant to go with Kia because of issues my former family members had with the company (not this specific dealership) in the past. While their issues were slightly different, I can attest to the fact that I will NOT EVER go with the Kia brand again because of my horrible, unprofessional experience with Perris Valley Kia where I was put off, lied to, treated horribly, and cheated out of money due to me. I do NOT recommend this dealership to anyone.


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