Life Isn’t Always Fair

lifeLife isn’t always fair. There, I said it. I have found recently that there are far too many people out there who believe that fairness should be given to them, even if they aren’t necessarily deserving of fairness. I have found that people, and especially teenagers, are prone to this ridiculous thought that fairness should be given when they want something they can’t have or they are put into a situation where they feel like they are doing everything they can to make things work out in their favor, but it’s just not happening how they want it to.

Fairness, by definition, is having an even hand, to be free of injustice.

Well, as a mother of five children, and having an ex-husband, things aren’t always fair, to say the least. I do things and provide things for my children even when it doesn’t seem fair to me that I’m spending my time or resources on whatever that thing is. But I don’t look at it as an equality of fairness. I look at it as I am doing something for my children because I love them.

Teenagers are especially prone to this unrealistic thought of fairness. They want what they believe is owed to them. They want what is fair. Sorry teenagers, life is very unfair, and the faster we can teach you that, the better you will be able to adapt to the real world outside of the safety of Mom and Dad’s house. When you do something you shouldn’t have, regardless of whether it was an accident or not, there are consequences to pay for your actions…regardless of the fairness of the consequences.

As my children grow up I can only pray that I am able to teach them the truth’s about life. That life isn’t fair, that there are consequences to pay for your actions, that working hard is the only way to get through life, that there is a time to play around and there is a time to be professional, that responsibilities don’t always come easy, that there are some things worth fighting for and there are some things that just aren’t, and that your life will be much easier if you’d just listen to Mom and Dad in the first place. As a parent, we are required to teach our children these life lessons.

Have you ever met someone who truly believes that the world owes them something? That they should get what they want just because they are who they are? That everyone around them should bend down to them and kiss their feet because they are so great? I’ve met a few in my time. It’s quite irritating, isn’t it? I believe that people like this need a good dose of reality and to be humbled because before they know it, they will have lost everything.

As the years pass I learn new things all of the time. Some of the lessons are much more pleasant than others. But, there’s a lesson in everything that happens.


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