7 Ridiculous Ways To Get Fired

If you’re firing an employee it’s usually best to have a good reason, maybe some documentation, and maybe coaching orgood bye mentoring sessions with the employee prior to letting them go. However, there are just some times when an employee just does something so ridiculous that the company just has to let them go. Here are a few ridiculous reasons I’ve heard of over time:

  1. Being drunk or high at work – I new a guy who kept a bottle of booze in his desk…and drank it at work. If your alcoholism or drug abuse is to the point where you have to get drunk or high at work (or maybe you have to get drunk or high to be at work because you hate your job) – either way – get some help!
  2. Lying on your resume – I just don’t get this one…okay, I do if the person just doesn’t have the right experience and really wants the job. Lying is still wrong, and in most cases you’ll get caught! Tell the truth, period. There are ways to tell the truth in a way that seems more interesting that your past experience may have been without lying.
  3. Complaining about your boss/coworkers/company on social networking sites – while I can’t recall having a boss who I would complain about, even if I did, I’d never ever do it on a social networking site. It then becomes public information that is almost sure to get back to someone in your company. Then you can say goodbye to your job.
  4. Sleeping on the job – I get that some people stay out too late the night before drinking or at a party, but you can’t sleep while you’re at work…you just can’t.
  5. Bad email etiquette – email etiquette is crucial in a business environment, especially because you can’t ‘hear’ the tone of a person’s email (okay, sometimes you can, but it can easily be misunderstood). As a note, writing in ALL CAPS is the equivalent to yelling at someone. Don’t get canned because your caps key is stuck to ON.
  6. Not taking breaks – employers have to abide to specific state and federal laws, especially when it comes to employees taking appropriate breaks. I’ve known a few people over the years who have been fired for not taking their mandatory breaks – both 10 minute and lunch breaks. Just take a break and get away from your desk for a while!
  7. Inappropriately handling customer situations – there are (okay, should be) specific rules and protocols in regard to how to handle specific customer situations. I’ve met one specific person in my career who was fired because they called a customer stupid. Be careful how you talk to your customers.

There are tons of other ridiculous reasons of why people get fired everyday. Just be sure you know your company rules…and follow them.


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