4 Types Of Homeowner Projects And How To Prioritize Them

Owning a new homeownerhome can be overwhelming just because of everything that I want to do to make it nicer, fix up the little things, and of course the big projects to increase overall value and comfort for my family and myself. But, where do I start?

Right now I feel like I have 20,000 projects going at once, but really I have about 10 projects of various sizes and costs. So, as a homeowner with lots of ideas and wants, how do you prioritize what gets done first and what gets put on the list to work on down the road. Here is how I prioritize my projects:

1)      Comfort / Livability – If there’s something that must be done for comfort / livability, this should be done first, of course. This would include things like:

  1. Fixing a broken AC in the summer / heater in the winter
  2. Fixing the pool anytime of the year so that it doesn’t turn green and cost even more in the future
  3. Installing necessary items that are required by law such as devices to ensure the garage door and fences where pools are located to be self-closing

2)      No Or Low Cost Projects – Projects that won’t cost anything, or very little money, out of pocket should be at the top of the list. Not only will the project be complete, but you won’t have to spend any money (or very little money) to complete the project. This would be things like:

  1. Fixing knobs / handles on doors / drawers in any area of the house
  2. Put screen or closet doors on the proper tracks and / or adjust wheels on the screen or closet doors
  3. Fix drain covers on any drains that need to be fixed
  4. Pull the weeds out of the yard, trim the trees, etc.

3)      Takes Little Time / Money – Some projects may cost a bit more, but may not be very time consuming to complete. For me, these are the next in line to be completed. I like to get several projects completed in a shorter amount of time because it feels so good to cross things off my list. This would include things like:

  1. Re-painting bed frames to update furniture

4)      Takes Longer & Costs More To Complete – These are usually the types of projects that get put off for the longest amount of time because of the budgetary aspect, both time and money. I believe that these should still be on list and planned for, but they should be done in time. For me, this type of project would include:

  1. Sanding, staining, and painting dressers for a face lift
  2. Painting a room
  3. Replacing flooring
  4. Remodeling a room

Prioritizing the projects can be helpful to keep the projects under control and in order. I try not to have too many projects going on at once, but it doesn’t always work. I’ve gotten several projects completed over the past month or two, but I know I still have a lot ahead of me. Prioritizing will be my friend over the next couple years.

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