Strange Things In The Walls

When we purchased our home we knew that there would be some things we’d need to fix, change, or otherwise alter to make this ‘our’ home. One of the major projects I have on my plate is to re-do the garage. First thing’s first…we have to remove the old drywall so we can have electrical run properly and put insulation in the walls. We already knew that there was something a little weird about the way they did the garage because they had pressed wood on top of the drywall, and everything was nailed in rather than done properly.

However, we really weren’t expecting to find what was in the walls. After pulling the pressed wood off, then the drywall off, at first glance it looked as if there was insulation in the walls already. NOPE! Upon further examination, we found carpet. That’s right…carpet…it was 3 layers deep and nailed into the walls (with the longest nails they could probably find). It appears that it is likely the original carpet that was in the home when it was built (in 1969!!). Disgusting!! In addition, there was some wood stuff they had up on one section of one of the walls…super weird! It’s like they couldn’t make up their mind on what they wanted to do!

The carpet in the wall...3 layers deep!
The carpet in the wall…3 layers deep!
The weird wood section under the drywall
The weird wood section under the drywall

We had only broken into one of the walls during that weekend. The following weekend we planned to tear down the other walls. We half expected to find more carpet, but weren’t really sure. And we weren’t prepared for what else we found…more of the same disgusting brown carpet, but we also found some awful pink carpet, the padding to the carpet, and a PILLOW. Unfortunately, there was no blood or anything on the carpet or pillow (that we could find), so it looks like we get to pay to have it hauled off. Oh well.

The padding for the carpet...really??
The padding for the carpet…really??
Kiara & Michael workin' hard to pull that wall apart...& having a bit too much fun with it lol!
Kiara & Michael workin’ hard as a team to pull that wall apart…& having a bit too much fun with it lol!
My little Addie getting her chance to take a swing at the wall, too.
My little Addie getting her chance to take a swing at the wall, too.




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